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In West Virginia, Viki comforts Jessica as she cries, recalling her baby dying while she gave birth. Viki then pushes her to remember what took place after.

The rest of that horrible evening comes back to her as she remembers switching the baby at the hospital.

While Rex questions Gigi about entering his place without notice, she demands to know how he could be in bed with her sister.

Hearing where she got the shiner from, Gigi asks if it's actually makeup while Schuyler doubts that Stan from Las Vegas would be capable of hitting anyone.

Stacy rises to the challenge when Gigi verbally bashes her.

After they leave, Schuyler regrets their failure to grab Stacy's DNA but Gigi shows the handful of hair she grabbed during her tussle with her sister.

In the kitchen Noelle boasts to Starr, Markko, Langston and Cole that she made a pie to celebrate the return of the baby.

Starr claims she'd prefer to wait until she has her baby back.

Matthew interrupts and when he hears they don't know anything, he calls his dad and gives them an update. Shaun's pleased when Rachel brings Matthew over for a visit.

But when he discovers that their estranged brother Greg is coming to town to help her with Matthew, Shaun guesses he's only coming because of money. A lovesick Shaun invites Rachel out for a date.

Destiny's pleased when she gets to spend time with Matthew studying. Looking for an apartment to share, Fish is amazed to hear Cristian and Layla are living together "as roommates."

Though she's against the idea, Cristian convinces Layla to give Fish a try and he wins her over when he boasts he has in his car trunk a converter box for their TV.

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