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Bo urges John to come back to work as a detective. Clint argues with Viki about whether Jessica should see Brody.

Viki argues that he's just what Jessica needs now. Knowing Clint's going home to Nora, Viki urges him to be honest with her about his feelings.

Rachel accuses Nora of not being sure she wants Clint for her husband. When Clint arrives, he presses Nora to set a wedding date.

Charlie asks Viki to marry him and shows him the ring he's been carrying around, waiting for the right time. After he states that he will love her forever, she happily accepts his proposal.

Jessica orders Brody to get out but he refuses to leave her.

She points out she almost shot him but he reminds her that wasn't her. As she cries about her baby, Jessica startles Brody by claiming she killed her baby. Brody quickly denies it and confesses that he loves her.

She claims she doesn't deserve it but he holds her close as she sobs uncontrollably. Waiting for their baby, Marcie and Michael agree that this is a new start for them.

Starr advises Cole that Hope is not Marcie's baby until Starr signs the adoption papers. Blair and Todd bring the baby to Starr who quickly takes her in her arms and then hands her to Cole who is overcome with emotion.

Blair senses that Starr is having second thoughts, as her daughter eventually signs the adoption papers and gives her baby to Marcie who realizes the anguish Starr and Cole are suffering.

Todd and Blair suffer together. At Rodi's, Marty ends up crying to John.

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