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Finding Rex in only a towel, Stacy "accidentally" drops hers to insure he gets an eyeful. Rex asks Stacy to strip at Jared's bachelor party.

When Rex arrives, Jared warns him that Brody is working behind the bar tonight with Gigi.

Clint and Bo arrive separately at the bachelor party and argue about Bo's feelings for Nora.

Bo finally claims that it's Clint unwillingness to make a decision about Nora that is the problem, not him.

Stacy starts to dance but aims her natural charms at Rex as well as Jared.

Viki congratulates Jessica for throwing a party for Natalie at the Ultra Violet.

Kyle intercepts the "talent" for the gals' party and takes his place, upsetting Roxy and then Jessica as he lassos her and privately demands his money by tomorrow morning.

At the same time, Stan demands his money from Stacy. Marcie advises Jessica that Cole and Starr are going to have their baby exhumed to find out how it died.

Stopping by to pick up his date, Dorian drops subtle hints to Markko that she knows what he and Langston have planned, warning him that he better treat Langston right or else.

Upstairs, Lola has revenge on her mind and grabs the box of condoms to show on her latest webcast. She then takes a pin and puts a hole or two through them.

After replacing the box, Lola leaves for the prom with her date, Asher the drug dealer. Marcie calls Starr to let her know the body will be exhumed tonight.

Jessica has a quick flashback to the night she gave birth. Natalie and Jared panic to hear about the exhumation. Clint proposes to Nora.

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One Life To Live
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