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Todd wakes up ... in a bedroom with Powell.

Powell opens a door to reveal that he has tied up Tea, Blair and Marty.

The deranged killer boasts that he bought the old frat house and turned this room into an exact replica of Kevin's room, where they raped Marty on the bed Todd's tied to.

He brings each hostage into the room and then describes how he has killed and left clues about the KAD fraternity, boasting that John figured his secret out a long time ago.

Spinning Blair around in her chair, Powell threatens to make her pay for what she's done to Marty. Powell then announces that he is going to have one of the women kill Todd.

When he asks for a volunteer, Tea quietly tells Powell she'll kill him. Hallucinating in the padded room, John talks with "Pete" who urges him to remember back to his father and do what he would do.

John lures two guards into the room and knocks them out.

Remembering reading about Harry Houdini's numerous escapes from a strait jacket, John escapes from his own.

As the baby's body is exhumed, both Bo and Michael urge Marcie to go home but she refuses.

Cole fears a strange-acting Lola is high but she denies it and heads home where she interrupts Ray and Dorian as they're about to have sex.

Out of control, Lola warns them she got even with Markko and Langston.

At their "love nest," the two lovebirds confess how nervous they are to have sex for the first time. After the last dance at the prom, Starr and Cole end up at the cemetery.

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One Life To Live
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