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Rex passes out from the drugged tea. Nadine and Corinne tie him up and put him in the bedroom with Brody. They panic when John shows up.

Nadine lies to him that Brody left the place a few hours ago.

When he wonders if Brody might have gone to see Corrine, Nadine asks why her brother would want to see that slut.

After John pretends to leave, Nadine discovers Brody has freed himself and grabbed Corinne.

She tries to run out but is stopped by a smiling John.

Unaware they're being set up, Natalie and Jessica wait for Jared to appear, arguing about whether to call the police.

Natalie gets a text message to meet Jared outside.

Jessica is suspicious when she leaves and runs out into the night where she runs into Jared. Gigi tries to slip into work to grab her check before Schuyler sees her but fails.

She's then forced to explain to him that she is committed to being with Rex and is going to help him with his ill aunt.

But when she drinks too much, she asks Schuyler to take her home.

As Dani urges Matthew to leave now with her, he stares in disbelief at Destiny who has arrived. She updates him on all that has happened and urges him to come home.

Assuring her he'll be back walking one day, Matthew leaves with Dani. Frustrated that her daughter hasn't returned, Tea screams at the headmistress to find Dani and panics that Ross grabbed her.

Elijah wonders if she might be hiding. Bo assures Nora that he still wants to grow old with her and asks if she'll leave Clint.

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