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Viki brings flowers to Chloe's grave. She's thrilled when Marcie arrives and boasts that she's seven and a half months pregnant.

Relieved to see Jared, Jessica gets him to admit that the text message wasn't from Nash but from him.

He confirms it but insists that he had to. In a panic, Jessica pushes him away and tries to escape. Jared falls and is knocked out.

Jessica seeks help in a darkened greenhouse where she spots someone hiding. She calls out Nash's name as she approaches the person.

Holding the sonogram picture Stacey showed off, a drunk Gigi assures Schuyler it doesn't bother her. When he worries about Rex seeing her like this, Gigi suggests going to his place.

There, Schuyler does his best to get her to lie down and sleep it off.

Instead, she starts to strip for him and fails to see Rex is calling her. John and Brody press Nadine until she reveals that she was forced to call him.

Rex comes to and admits that Jessica is in California. As the police take them away, Corinne reminds Rex that she knows who his father is.

A nervous Markko assures Langston that he voted for Dorian. After Amelia faces off with Todd, Dorian and her campaign manager watch as the election results start coming in.

Jack starts taking bets on who is going to win the election.

Though Cole assures a worried Markko that Langston won't find out who he voted for, they hear a TV report that today's election may turn out to be the closest ever.

Thrilled when Marcie arrives, Starr congratulates her on her pregnancy.

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