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Matthew talks with his parents and Destiny about Dr. Nance. Greg assures them that Nance worked with him and knows his techniques.

Bo and Nora still refuse to accept the idea of an operation.

Destiny offers to fly with Matthew to Seattle for the procedure if his parents won't take him. Bo and Nora return and announce they won't fight him anymore.

Rachel asks a stubborn Greg to assist Nance.

Asked by the media for comments about his ex-wife coming out as a lesbian, David claims once he found out, he decided to step aside and "let love win."

David then warns Nick and Amelia what their scheme may do.

Fish also questions their actions because they're lying. Afraid Fish may blow their scheme out of the water, Amelia urges Kyle to do whatever he must to keep his friend quiet.

Blair finally wakes and finds Todd in her hospital room, apologizing for bringing her into all this. As he mumbles nonstop, Blair tries to tell him what Tea told him.

Outside the room, Dorian stops Tea from entering and calls what she did attempted murder. Tea denies pushing Blair and forces her way in with Starr.

However, Blair tells everyone that she doesn't remember what happened before she came to after her fall. Back at home, Jack complains to Noelle about how busy Dorian has been lately.

After seeing the TV report, Jack asks when Dorian became a lesbian.

Noelle catches Ross trying to slip out of the house with Tea's briefcase and refuses to let him leave. When he threatens her, Jack comes up behind him and knocks him out.

Arrested, Ross calls someone about failing to get Tea's briefcase in hopes of finding his child.

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