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Todd thinks Blair had something to do with the fact that Tea is not divorced. Blair reminds him Tea is a liar.

She then admits, though, that she found out Tea was still married to Ross.

Blair then pretends to feel faint so Todd will help her up to her bedroom.

Boasting that Shaun has emerged from his coma, Rachel tells Tea about her feelings for Greg. She urges her friend to tell Shaun the truth today for fear it will be impossible later.

Bringing him tickets to see Hale Bop, Gigi's favorite band, Stacy and Kim approach Schuyler with an offer to help him woo Gigi.

Meanwhile, after sending Gigi to work, Rex welcomes Natalie in and talks about Gigi's demands. She then opens up about the trouble Jared faces.

He asks if she thinks he's telling the truth and Natalie responds that she knows Jared is not a cold-blooded killer. But then she also admits that if he didn't kill these people, he must have had a good reason.

Crying now, Natalie pleads with Rex to help her find Jared tonight. She also insists that he not tell Gigi because of John.

Gigi arrives at work and is amazed to see Schuyler has the tickets she tried and failed to buy earlier.

Admitting Kim gave the tickets to him, Schuyler offers them to her but she explains she and Rex are going to couples counseling tonight.

Kim questions Stacy about the Buchanan family members and eyes a photo of Kevin but then circles Bo's picture. Nora advises Matthew that they are putting him in the boarding school tonight.

After they again argue about the legality of what they're doing, Kevin takes Matthew to Warwick where he meets his new American roommate, Tom.

What happens next? Find out in our One Life to Live spoilers!

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