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Jack leads his family to the Halloween party dressed as the "Fantastic Four" while Destiny arrives at Dorian's to seek his help saving Matthew in London.

When he presses her for the reason she's doing this, Destiny lets slip that she loves him.

Greg's confused when his father admits he disagrees with his wife and thinks that he shouldn't give up on Rachel so that Shaun can be with her.

Shaun tells Rachel, it's time for their date. Danielle hands Matthew her phone so he can listen to Destiny's message.

As he sadly admits he won't see her for a long time, Danielle urges him to snap out of it and call the calvary.

Before he can, the headmistress grabs the phone and sends Danielle back to her room. When Bo and Nora arrive, Matthew asks them to take him home or get out because he doesn't want to see them.

They hand him a cellphone before they leave.

As Ross complains about Tea keeping him from her daughter, Elijah claims that he found Danielle and shows him the file folder containing all the info on the prep school in England.

Ross knocks out his attorney after he explains why he can't let him leave the country. Amelia advises Dorian to issue legal marriage licenses once she's elected mayor.

She also explains she's not against Dorian have a secret relationship with David afterwards. David overhears them and asks Dorian what she wants.

Dorian sticks with her plan and after she dons the wedding dress she was going to wear for him, David announces he has a date with destiny, pauses and then leaves for the airport.

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