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David tells Dorian that he is not a homosexual nor will he pose as one to help her. Dorian points out he gets weekly pedicures.

He insists women like nicely groomed men and won't go "gay for pay."

Amelia Bennett interrupts and offers her help as a campaign manager and adds that she happens to be a lesbian.

After talking with Jessica about Wayne Landers' stint in prison, John calls the warden to ask him about Wayne and Jared.

Confirming the man lying on the terrace ground is the same one in the photo John showed, Jared tells Natalie that he's dead.

Refusing to lie for him, she insists they call the police but calls Bo instead of David. Blair advises Todd that Tea is still married to Ross Raymond but he doesn't believe her lies.

She gives him a phone number for an office in Tahiti. Tea is frightened to find Ross in the cabana. She confirms that she married Todd which causes him to remark how quickly she acts.

Tea offers him a hefty settlement but he claims she already knows what he wants. Refusing, Tea asks him about the check from Dorian.

He denies telling her everything but suggests he should tell Blair.

Nora advises Bo that the judge has upheld the decision allowing Matthew to get the operation. Matthew interrupts and reveals that Greg won't do the operation now.

Taking the call from Natalie, Bo promises Matthew they'll make this work.

Reminding him the court case is over, Nora then asks Matthew if they can go back to being mother and son. Jared tells Bo that he found the dead man lying on the ground.

When John arrives, Jared denies knowing the dead man but when John re-dials the dead man's cellphone, Jared's phone rings.

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