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Arriving in Llanview, Blair instructs Ross to hide out in the cabana. Blair puts plans on hold after she hears about the kidnapping and the beating Todd took at the hands of the drug dealer.

The two grow closer as they both wait anxiously for word about their daughter and granddaughter.

Tea stops by Dorian's and almost runs into Ross.

Greg is relieved when his brother Shaun survives his surgery. However, as he examines Shaun's x- rays, he realizes that his brother's future mobility is at stake and decides that he must operate next on him.

Knowing she is no longer pregnant, Stacy tries to put off her doctor's appointment today but Rex insists on accompanying her to the hospital.

Hoping that her single night of sex with an unsuspecting Fish brings her the miracle she needs, Stacy takes another home pregnancy test and is shattered to read that it's negative.

Later, Gigi is curious when she finds an empty home pregnancy test box in the garbage at Stacy's.

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One Life To Live
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