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John advises Natalie that they found something about the attack on Jared on the security tapes.

He shows her the video which is very short because someone broke the hidden security camera.

John suggests that because the camera was deliberately smashed, it must have been an inside job.

John wonders who in the company might have a grudge against him but then points out to Natalie that he lied his way into the company.

Jared overhears them talking as John assures Natalie that her boyfriend is not a suspect. Marty laughs when Cole leaks that Tea is marrying Todd today.

She claims that she's glad for Todd if this is going to keep him away from her son and his family. Starr doesn't believe her mother when she claims she wants to attend Todd's wedding to show she has no hard feelings.

Blair insists that she doesn't need a man to "complete her" but Starr boasts that she'd like to see her go away on a nice romantic vacation.

Tea tries to tell Todd about Ross but is interrupted. Though he wants to get ready for the ceremony, Tea insists on telling him a secret or two, starting with Ross.

Todd claims it doesn't matter because they're getting married.

Dorian confronts Ross and offers him a deal, threatening to call the police if he doesn't answer her questions.

Describing the relationship that exists between Blair and Todd, Dorian asks Ross not to interrupt the wedding for fear that Todd might end up marrying Blair.

She hands him a big check and offers to fly him to Hawaii but he refuses. Though when Blair arrives with his tux for the wedding, he also takes the check with him.

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