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Viki makes her announcement about the debate to the press. David asks her to wait for Markko to start shooting for his reality show.

Dorian takes over and boasts that Viki's country club background is no help to running a city. She claims that only Mayor Lowell can do the job.

Charlie defends Viki as David reminds the press about her many "alters."

The moderator begins the debate by asking Lowell the first question.

The mayor quickly badmouths the Llanview police department and points out his opponent has many crimes of her own that she has committed.

John interrupts and arrests Lowell, playing for everyone the recording of him ordering Keeton to kill Cole.

Todd tries to help Starr escape from Sergei but his two hired thugs stop them at the front door and one knocks him to the floor.

Getting a call from Cole, Starr learns from Sergei that Cole was supposed to be killed earlier and that's why he's there to take her.

Todd secretly calls Shaun who shoots one of the thugs and threatens Sergei.

Todd jumps Sergei but Shaun knocks him out after the drug dealer shoots Todd in the leg. Shaun orders Starr to call 911 and then heads upstairs to stop the thug trying to take Hope.

Shaun stops him but is shot in the chest as he goes to the crying child.

Downstairs, Sergei comes to and knocks out Todd. Shaun comes back downstairs but Sergei shoots him. Outside the court building, Rachel and Greg can't stop their attraction and end up kissing passionately.

Calming down, Greg apologizes for misunderstanding her because of her past but assures her that she is so much more. Tea apologizes to Nora for what she did to Rachel.

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One Life To Live
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