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One Life to Live
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on One Life to Live, Dorian thinks fast to prevent an enthusiastic Roxy from messing with Adriana's hairdo on her wedding day.

David triumphantly informs Jared that he knows the interloper isn't Asa's long-lost son. At Llanfair, Gigi and Rex search frantically for Shane's inhaler as the boy gasps for breath.

In Virginia Beach, Starr suffers from her first unfortunate experience with morning sickness. Meanwhile, Blair begins plastering the boardwalk with photos of her daughter and Cole.

After Shane collapses, Rex helps Gigi rush her son to the ER. Natalie and Jared are relieved to realize that David is still in the dark about his own ties to the Buchanan clan.

Talia and Antonio slip away from the wedding party to rendezvous in a quiet corner of the church. Adriana complains to Dorian about Gigi plotting to ruin her wedding.

Later, Dorian secretly attempts to pay Brody off in exchange for his leaving town. John pressures Winter to reveal Cole and Starr's whereabouts. Though Cole tries his best to comfort her, a tearful Starr admits she wants her mom.

The priest chastises a giggling Antonio and Talia for their inappropriate behavior in a house of worship. John convinces Winter to send Todd off on a wild goose chase.

An emotional Gigi thanks Rex after Michael assures her that Shane will recover. Back at the church, Adriana begins to wonder if her groom is planning to show...

... until next time on One Life to Live!

One Life To Live
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