Peyton's hormones are in overdrive, making her insane on bed rest.

Brooke is also going crazy by her mother Victoria's newfound niceness towards Sam.

Haley is even a bit frazzled upon learning that the music label is interesting in buying one of her songs for another artist.

Victoria's manipulation is in full effect as she compliments her daughter, threatens vendors and shreds a letter Sam received in the mail.

Against Brooke's advice, Sam and Victoria bond over their mutual honesty.

Victoria defends Mia's shoplifting past while Sam asks point blank why Victoria is a bitch.

Brooke finds the half-shredded letter, which is from Sam's birth mother wanting to reconnect.

Victoria did it to protect Sam and keep her with them, but Brooke is angry.

She takes the letter to Sam, but Sam doesn't want the letter. Sam is one tough cookie and is still angry that her birth mother gave up on her.

In order to get over her anger, Sam agrees to go back to the coffee shop and finally confronts her real mother.

While fixing up the Comet, Lucas finds ticket stubs to the Cure concert he and Peyton went to after graduation.

The flashbacks continue as Peyton reveals she was the one who sent Lucas' book to publishers in New York City.

Flashback world also features the two stopping at a diner for lunch. Lucas fakes a dine and dash as a joke for Peyton, but in the process he drops his ticket on the ground.

So the two don't make it into the concert, but they spend their last night together snuggling on the hood of the Comet.

Speaking of Chase, Mia's album is coming along nicely thanks to all the smooching she's doing with her adorable boyfriend.

That happiness gets a little crack when Peyton reveals she's also kissed Chase and that Brooke was the one who took Chase's virginity.

At the studio, Mia asks if Haley knew about Chase and Brooke.

She did, but as consolation, she says, "Welcome to Tree Hill. I dare you to find a guy who didn't lose his virginity to Brooke Davis."

The session is interrupted by the arrival of ... Nick Lachey!

He's the one who wants to use one of Haley's songs on his next album.

Mia repeatedly calls him "Nick Lachey" because both first and last names are a thing they do in Tree Hill.

Haley doesn't want to sell her song, so Nick dials up the charm. It doesn't work, but Haley does ask for an autograph for her son.

Downstairs, Chase serves Nick Lachey a drink. Mia storms down and wants to know why he never told her he lost his virginity to Brooke Davis.

Nick Lachey thinks she's talking to him, and he assures her that he wasn't a virgin when he slept with Brooke.

Mia tells Nick Lachey to buzz off and Chase apologizes and assures Mia that she's the only one he loves. Things also work out for Nick Lachey who goes upstairs and finds a changed Haley willing to let him sing her song.

On the basketball court, Jamie tries "to hook a brother up" by telling Skills to ask Miss Lauren to a school dance.

Similarly, Jamie has his eyes on a little girl named Madison, and all his friends tease him about it in that adorable way little boys do.

When Jamie finally summons the courage to ask out Madison, he's crushed to learn that his friend Chuck beat him to the punch.

Skills and Jamie go back to the apartment and sit on the couch, lamenting their romantic woes while drinking beer (and root beer).

Jamie calls Skills a chicken until he goes to ask out Miss Lauren.

He asks her to dance, but she also went through a recent break-up and refuses the dance, preferring to have some rebound sex.

Skills is shocked, and Miss Lauren claims she's joking and accepts the dance.

Jamie gets his girl too when Chuck tells him that Madison was talking about Jamie all night long.

Chuck apologizes for hosing his buddy and while Jamie goes to hold hands with his new girl, Chuck tries to make a move on another girl and gets rejected.

Things are looking better for Nathan as pro scouts are hot on his trail. Too bad the scouts are from the European league and they want him.

He tells Haley that he wants to sign a two-year contract for the European league. She thinks he should hold out for the NBA, but also promises that she'll support him whatever he does.

Of course, he opts to stay in Tree Hill.

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