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Things begin in Peyton's office where Reese and Lucas are holding casting calls for the roles of Nathan and Haley. The real Nathan and Haley are on hand, and he's wondering why all the actors auditioning are shirtless.

They leave because Nathan has to go on the road for a few weeks, but at least Haley has all these shirtless Nathans to keep her company.

Nathan meets with his coach and convinces him to let him start over the cocky Devon. That happiness is shirt-lived when he finds out Devon was fired.

Nathan gets even more depressed when he finds out his cocky rival has a cute little daughter and a very pregnant wife.

Peyton tries to visit Lucas, but the casting director mistakes her for an actress and has her take a seat. A potential Peyton next to her gives a whiny line reading of “Why do people always leave?”

When Peyton finally auditions, Reese thinks she's too old, but maybe she could play Deb. Snap.

Peyton heads off to enlist Mia's help in putting together a baby crib.

In her absence, Skills arrives as the baby proofer, which is his day job.

After seeing all the Peytons, Reese wants the one with the biggest boobs, but Lucas is stuck trying to maintain integrity.

Later Lucas is attacked by work for the movie, including the actor playing Dan wondering why he hates Keith so much and a group of potential Lucases imitating his every move. Lucas has a mini freak-out.

Brooke wakes up with Julian in her bed. They rush off to attend the casting call. Brooke walks in and is smitten with all the shirtless Nathans.

She meets Missy, the actress playing Brooke, and Missy is way too into the idea of stalking Brooke to get the role just right.

Missy instantly gets on Brooke’s nerves, asking how many cigarettes she smokes a day to get that raspy voice.

She also observes that Brooke has a type, since Julian kind of looks like Lucas. This earns the wrath of Brooke.

Peyton and Brooke go to sign things up for hr bridal and baby registries. Peyton asks Brooke to be her maid of honor, which she still wants after Brooke reveals that she slept with Julian.

When Brooke leaves, she’s shocked to find naked Missy in her car, practicing Brooke’s most infamous move.

Brooke is saddened to learn that the character breakdown for her in the movie says her three favorite things are “sex, sex and sex.”

She storms off to confront Julian about this write-up, throwing the jacket back at him.

By the end of the night, Peyton leaves a sad message for Lucas about how hard her day was, but the voicemail fills up, so she deletes it and sends a happier message.

Lucas is busy trying to cast Peyton, and the big-breasted actress arrives to give an impassioned plea. It doesn’t work as Lucas gets his first choice, but Reese slept with the big-breasted actress anyway.

The next day the cast sits down for the first table read of An Unkindness of Ravens, but Lucas doesn’t miss Peyton’s sonogram.

In school drama, Haley chooses Sam’s essay about her awful upbringing to win a contest and publish it in the school newspaper.

Unfortunately, the new principal doesn’t approve of the essay’s sex and drugs, so she threatens to fire Haley if she doesn’t pick a new essay.

Dan walks his grandson Jamie home from school, and Jamie asks for some dating advice because he wants to ask a girl in his class over for a play date.

Dan says that no woman can resist a Scott man’s smile after letting us know he didn’t date in prison.

Later that day at Dan’s beach house, he’s surprised to see the girl Jamie invited over is his teacher, Miss Lauren.

Dan happens to flirt with Miss Lauren, which makes Jamie tell his grandpa to back off.

Jamie gets upset about the flirting, so he screams out that Dan was in prison.

Jamie is angry that his grandpa was making fun of him, but Dan apologizes and tells Jamie that not only is he his best friend, he’s his only one.

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