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Skills is coaching the most adorable pee wee basketball team ever, starring Jamie Scott. Jamie gets to the ball, but misses the final shot, losing the game. Aww.

Coach Skills tries to pick up the kids’ spirits, congratulating them on the fact that they didn’t pee in their pants. That’s a pretty low bar he’s setting.

Grandma Deb is impressed at how good Skills is with kids, and he suggests they might have a few of their own.

Lucas takes Jamie to the cemetery to give his game report to Quentin. He sees Peyton talking to her dead mom about her pregnancy and then Lucas visits Keith’s grave where Jamie asks how his Great Uncle Keith died.

Lucas tells him to ask Dan.

That might be a little difficult, because Dan Scott is walking into the ocean and yelling at God, calling him “a miserable son of a bitch” and asking Him if a crazy nanny and a dog is the best He has.

Dan refuses to pray because he’s giving up, so he lets himself fall into the ocean. Thankfully, he comes out alive.

At home, Jamie plats on his computer, creating a Sims version of Tree Hill. Skills arrives and asks for two Nanny Debs in the game.

That’s two more than he has in real life, because Deb dumps him so that he can raise a family with a woman his own age.

Dan stops by to hang out with Jamie. Deb is still angry at him for blaming her for Keith’s death, but she softens once she learns that Dan didn’t get his heart.

Dan and Jamie go out for ice cream and Dan says goodbye to his grandson.

Jamie asks him who killed Keith, and Dan has no choice but to tell the truth to the one person who actually cares about him.

Julian and Reese are going over plans for the movie and Reese wants a helicopter to have sex in.

Julian’s dad calls to let them know he’s been fired, which means the movie is in “turn around,” so the fate of the film is in limbo until they find out who the replacement will be.

A little later the news comes that the movie is officially dead. Why the heck would One Tree Hill destroy the coolest storyline of the season?

Sam sees Jack in a supermarket and chases after him, but outside she discovers that Jack stole a pack of hot dogs.

She takes them to take the fall and gets arrested, but Brooke shows up to cry and claim that Sam is “semi-retarded” in order to get her released.

Brooke is avoiding Julian because of the love bomb he dropped on her, but Sam intervenes and makes Brooke talk to him, revealing that the movie is dead and he’s leaving town.

While Brooke is out, Julian stops by so Sam can tearfully tell him the truth about her shoplifting drama.

Haley’s principal tells her that she will formally apologize for publishing Sam’s essay or she’ll be fired.

Haley isn’t sure, but later Peyton tells Mia that the record company doesn’t like her son and thinks she should use a guitar instead of a piano.

Haley realizes that sometimes you have to compromise yourself just a little for the greater good. What a terrible (and honest) message to teach kids.

At Tric, Brooke, Haley, Sam, Skills and Lucas all drink themselves into a stupor because of losing Julian, her integrity, her song, Deb and the movie, respectively.

Reese runs in happy as a clam because he got paid even though the movie isn’t being made.

Lucas continues his drinking at the park basketball court with Julian where they talk about how Julian shouldn’t give up on Brooke.

Reese arrives in his car to pour them some of the good stuff and mock how sad they are to lose the movie.

He encourages them to celebrate the fact that they even tried.

To go out in a blaze of glory, Reese has a helicopter come to the court to pick up him and the actress who was going to play Peyton for a little “in flight, afternoon delight.”

He also reveals that he shot a little bit of film the night before, which is proof that the film started production, thus allowing Lucas a chance to earn his $300,000 filming bonus.

Against that heroic act of deceit comes a heroic act of honesty, when Haley tells her class that Sam’s essay was great and shouldn’t have been censored, earning her a one-way ticket out the door.

Julian tries a little honesty of his own, telling Brooke that Sam was covering for Jack. Now she doesn’t want him to go, but he has to anyway. He leaves and she cries.

Things get better when Brooke apologizes to Sam by brining Jack over and letting him stay in their house.

Haley’s life is also looking up when Peyton hires her as a full-time producer on Mia’s record.

That night Nathan returns for some one-on-one basketball with his brother. They commiserate over the dead movie and Haley losing her job.

Lucas tells Nathan about the dog eating Dan’s heart, and while Lucas can’t stop laughing, Nathan is rather stunned at the fact that their dad is actually going to die.

After some reflection, Dan shows up at the court to confront his two sons and deliver a speech so great that it gets dusty in the room.

Haley goes to tuck Jamie in for bed and he shows her the Sims Tree Hill he’s made. Everyone is happy, Quentin is still alive, and Dan is about to get a new heart.

Haley asks who the man next to Dan is, and Jamie says that it’s Keith, because in this Sims world, Keith is still alive and he and Dan still love each other.

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