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Peyton tearfully calls Lucas late at night and says she can't call him her fiancé, because now she has to call him her baby daddy.

Peyton is pregnant! Nathan gets a call of his own letting him know he is now a player for the Charleston Chiefs. Good news for everyone.

Well, good news for everyone in the Scott family, at least.

Mouth is complaining to Skills about losing Millie and Brooke is scrambling to find Sam. Speaking of that little girl, she's woken up Jack's Quentin-murdering brother.

He isn't happy about Sam taking the drawings stolen from Clothes Over Bros. He's giving Dan a run for his money in the “super creepy” department.

It turns out Jack wasn't the one who beat up Brooke, it was his brother. Jack tries to defend Sam and gets a slap in the mouth for his trouble.

The brother locks the two kids into a bedroom where Jack manages to pry a window open to flee. Sam, unfortunately, gets caught by the brother, thrown onto the bed, and held with duct tape.

Brooke recruits Peyton and Julian in her madcap quest to find Sam. She remembers the boy in Sam's room and asks Haley to give her Jack Daniels' address.

Brooke drives over alone to the house of the creepy man who has Sam duct taped in the back. As she walks away, she recognizes the voice as that of her attacker.

Brooke barges back in and maces the creep then kicks the crap out of him. She finds Sam and tries to leave, but she's tackled and chased by her attacker.

Finally she crawls to her purse and takes out her gun, pointing it at his head and threatening to kill him.

However, Brooke is won over by the love of Sam, so she just pistol whips him instead. The cops arrive and everything gets tied up with a neat little bow when they find Quentin's wallet.

Before Lucas can go home to celebrate with his soon-to-be MILF, Julian tells him he needs to meet with the studio head to save the movie.

The head knows that the real problem is Julian, but firing him isn’t easy because the studio head is Julian’s dad.

Even Julian’s dad thinks this whole movie thing is just a way for his son to win back Peyton.

While the studio head wants to fire his son, Lucas has a newfound respect for the bond between a father and his child, so he wants Julian to stay on.

He finally gets to return home and cuddle with his future baby mama.

Millie goes home and, after Mouth apologizes repeatedly for the Gigi incident, she confesses that she’s no longer a virgin.

On the other hand, Owen’s solution is to drink a lot, much to the chagrin of his friend Chase.

Nathan goes off to practice with the Chiefs and his first day doesn’t go that well. Even though some cocky hot shot has his #23, Nathan decides to build up his spirits by taking on Quentin’s number 12.

Haley goes off to recapture her own past, working with Mia on her music.

Jamie spends some quality time in his tree house with Q’s brother Andre. Quentin’s mom is still an emotional wreck, so the two boys decide to wander off on their own to visit Quentin’s grave.

On the way, they ponder whether Quentin plays ghost basketball and why angels need wings but ghosts don’t.

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