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Nathan is riding the pine at a Charleston Chiefs game, angering Jamie. Fox, the hot dog player who hazed Nathan, misses a last-minute shot costing the team the game.

Fox is still happy that he scored 33 points, not caring that basketball is a team sport. Jamie is furious.

Meanwhile, Lucas is doing the dishes. He's still in a pickle because he and Julian can't find a decent director. Speaking of Julian, he's busy trying to talk Brooke into having sex.

Sam walks in to ruin the moment.

Julian and Lucas meet with a crazy director who wants to shoot the movie with a camera and make Lucas live in the junkyard and Keith get killed in a drive-by from a rival gang.

They move on to meet with Julian's dad. The two are forced to make a decision by the next day.

The Brooke-Julian flirtation continues and Peyton walks in to offer a friendly warning about how Julian will disappoint in the end.

He returns later and gets the third degree from Brooke about where their relationship is going. She's not willing just to have fun with him. I suspect there are many female fans out there who would feel otherwise.

Lucas bonds with Haley by showing her the ring he bought for Peyton.

Lucas drives Peyton out to the spot where they first met, gets down on one knee and gives her the big diamond ring.

She's happy and says, “I'm so glad you always knew me.”

Mia plays a song for Chase and lets Julian’s father into the studio.

It turns out Peyton and Julian’s dad are friendly, but she’s shocked to learn Julian’s dad lied about his son’s sex life to help sell a movie.

She runs over to apologize to Brooke and tell her that Julian might be a good guy after all.

Julian and Lucas get together to pick a director, and Julian favors a British guy who made a sock puppet incest film. The next day, cokehead director Adam  arrives to help make their decision easier.

Adam is a wild man, talking about joining the mile high club on the way out, and promising that with his expert vision, the three of them “will get more ass than a toilet seat in Yankee Stadium.”

Instead, Lucas goes to Julian’s dad and tells him he chooses none of the directors. Adam worms his way into a meeting with Julian’s dad and repeats an emotional speech Lucas gave him about the importance of the film.

That night, Adam busts into Lucas’ house and gives him the good news: he got the directing job.

After Haley reveals the news to Peyton about Keith’s ring, Peyton gives Lucas back the diamond ring and asks to wear Keith’s.

Julian is feeling pretty good himself, telling Brooke that he came to Tree Hill for the other girl in the book.

Dan is alive. At least for now. He’s still trying to get a heart.

To celebrate, Dan takes Jamie out for banana splits and tells his grandson that Nathan has plenty of heart.

Dan meets up with Nathan at the basketball court for a pep talk about being ready to take the chance when you get it.

Inspired by Dan, Nathan hits the books to get ready while Jamie calls up the coach and explains why his daddy should play.

The next game has a close finish again, and when Fox is too selfish, the coach benches him and puts Nathan in. Nathan passes the ball like a good team player and leads the Chiefs to victory.

After the game, Dan shows up on the court to congratulate his son on his accomplishment, saying, “I’m so proud of you, son.”

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