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Five neat subplots on tonight's One Tree Hill ...

“The Surprise”

Lucas has a surprise for Peyton, but she collapses in pain. When they get back from the hospital, she sees the surprise: a perfectly decorated baby room.

The surprise is depressing, not because she had a miscarriage, but because something else is wrong and the doctor said if she has this baby she could die.

She doesn’t care because she wants to have the baby and name it Anna for a girl or Sawyer for a boy. Lucas tries to explain that there’s a good chance both she and the baby could die if she has it.

This is brutal and uncomfortable. The two fight and Lucas gets angry at the thought of losing Peyton. He says they can still adopt, but she resents the fact that he tries to guilt her into terminating the pregnancy.

He’s depressed, and she’s scared.

Peyton thinks the whole Leyton love affair may have been leading to this baby, and that if she dies, that’s her destiny.

The baby starts kicking, and life lets Peyton win the argument so Lucas reluctantly goes along with Peyton’s vision of everything.

“The Long Goodbye”

Millie shows up again to collect her stuff because she’s leaving for good. Mouth is there. Millie had Lasik and Mouth admits to being at fault.

She admits to having fantasies about ripping Mouth’s clothes off, but she feared the sex wouldn’t live up to the expectation. After Mouth pours his heart out, she leaves.

“The Seven Year Itch”

Haley surprises Nathan in Charleston with a romantic evening in an empty house for their seven-year wedding anniversary.

The two open their fortune cookies and play the “in bed” game, which Haley has never heard of. His cookie says “You are a master of your craft... in bed.” He’s feeling a bit cocky, but gets knocked down a peg when hers says “Prepare yourself for a big change... in bed.”

She tells him about being suspended from teaching because of publishing San’s essay, so now she thinks she and Jamie should move to Charleston.

Nathan thinks it would be better if she went back on the road to pursue her dreams of performing once again. He thinks she could tutor Jamie on the road.

“The Deleted Scene”

Brooke runs away from Julian, creeped out by what he did in bed. She hides in the bathroom and makes him swear never to do it again.

While we’re led to believe he tried some naughty sex act, all he really did was say “I love you.” And he keeps saying it.

Instead of leaving, he logs onto, a website tracking celeb relationships. Apparently while in New York she dated Ryan Reynolds and Colin Farrell.

He’s still wondering why she gets so freaked out by men who say “I love you,” and he’s afraid it’s because she’s still in love with Lucas.

She turns this around, since he only came to town to win back Peyton in the first place, so he’s all about Lucas’ leftovers. He wants her to say “I love you,” but all she can muster is “I like you a lot.”

He accuses her of hiding behind Sam because Brooke doesn’t think she deserves love and doesn’t want to have her heart broken again.

The difficulty of getting her to open up to him lets him deliver a classic line: “Never let it be said that Brooke Davis is easy.”

“The Cold War”

Deb is babysitting Jamie and promises to let him stay up late and watch cartoons. “I’d rather watch Gossip Girl,” Jamie says. “It’s so bad for me.”

She thinks he invited his friend over, but actually Jamie invited Grandpa Dan in a misguided attempt to get his grandparents back together.

Dan puts Jamie to bed and he asks a bunch of questions about why Dan and Deb stopped being married. Dan gives a non-answer, but assures him that Haley and Nathan will last forever. Dan tells Jamie a cute story.

Jamie’s asleep, but the story gives Dan an opening to reminisce with Deb about their marriage. The good times vanish quickly when Deb remembers Keith’s murder. This gives Dan an opening to blame her.

He provides the whole story. He killed Keith because he thought he was getting revenge for Keith setting the car dealership on fire.

He also traces it back to how Dan hired Jules to sleep with and dump Keith because Dan caught his own brother sleeping with Deb.

She angrily tells him to leave, but Jamie shows up with Dan’s heart beeper, which goes off letting him know there’s a donor heart for him...

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