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Nathan has figured out that it was actually Ian that slammed into Jamie and Brooke on the bridge, so he, Julian and Clay beat him up and fire him from the agency.

Chase has to take a drug test to get in the Air Force, but uses urine from Alex because he took a puff of weed at the Kid Cudi concert.  They tell him his urine said that he was pregnant, but it ended up that Alex gave him urine from Brooke, so Brooke is pregnant!

She decides to not move away to New York, and instead stay in Tree Hill.  Jamie, Chuck and Madison's Little League team is playing in their first game, and while none of them get a hit until the last inning, they all help win the game in the end.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 20 Quotes

Alex: So much for baby steps.
Chase: You played guitar. It wasn't fair.

Nate: Ginger ale?
Julian: I like ginger ale, it settles my stomach.