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Nathan and Clay attempt to finally get Ian Kellerman to sign a contract with Fortitude.  They decide that they need to put a morals clause in the contract in case the kid turns out to be a jerk.  After beating Ian in a game of beer pong, he signs the contract.  Nathan then finds a smashed in car in Ian's garage with empty liquor bottles in it.  It seems to be the car that crashed into Jamie and the gang on the bridge a few weeks back.

Brooke and Julian are preparing for their adopted baby to arrive but can't decide on a color for the child's room.  Haley is also getting ready for her new baby, and decides to test all of her friends to make sure they're prepared for the big day.  Both Haley and Chloe then go into labor at the same time.

Millicent has a story to cover for the station, but Mouth thinks what is happening is wrong.  After trying to cover the story normally, Millie says what was on Mouth's mind in a bit of a tirade on live tv.  She thinks she's going to get fired over it, but the audience loved it and she kept her job.

Chase continues to help little Chuck.  This week it was by figuring out that he needs glasses.  His baseball skills increased greatly after putting on some specs.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

You tried to stuff me into a stingray. You were so not ready.


You cried wolf, wolf crier.