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Haley has started working at a crisis intervention center. After a bunch of meaningless callers, she finally gets one that she feels she can help.

Victoria is working for Clothes over Bros from inside jail. Some random dude comes into Brooke's store to tell her he lost a whole lot of money because of her fraud. She decides to liquidate her company and her personal fortune in order to pay back those that lost because of her.

Quinn is being released from the hospital, but she has a tough time leaving Clay behind.  She stays at Haley's for the time being.

Chase and Alex are playing some golf together.  Alex explains to Chase that she's never been in love.  She beats him on the final hole and gets to make him do whatever she wants.

Julian takes Brooke to a mansion to show her where he wants there wedding to take place.

Nate goes to the beach house to pick up some things, but has a tough time seeing the crime scene.  By episode's end, he goes back to the scene to start cleaning up all the blood.

He also tells Julian that he's quitting basketball. Nate then breaks the news to Haley and she's happy about the decision.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Alex: Lets make it a dare.
Chase: Okay. Loser plays the next hole in their underwear.
Alex: Yeah, like I'm wearing any underwear.

Many captains of industry have done their best work while incarcerated. There's no shame in it.