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Dan beats up some prison officer for a European guy he knows in prison.  After doing that favor, Dan asks for help with finding Nathan.  The prisoner gives him the name Dimitri, which rings a bell for Dan.  He and Julian decide to come up with a plan on what to do next.


Haley has to go identify a body the cops found, but it is not Nathan.  She gets upset that nobody is putting all of their efforts into finding Nathan, so she decides to team up with Dan.


Clay finally has a break through with therapy, realizing that he had a baby when his wife died.  Logan from the hospital is that baby, but Clay can't handle it and leaves.


Chase decides to confront Chuck's dad about beating his kid.  After telling him not to do it again, Chase beats him with a tire iron and gets arrested.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Logan: I like him...and those suckers he gives out.
Clay: Oh, those suckers are clutch.

Prisoner: You think we'll ever find redemption for the things we've done?
Dan: I wouldn't count on it.
Prisoner: Then I'll see you in hell my friend.
Dan: I'll save you a seat.