Only Murders In The Building - Jan, Mabel & Charles  Season 1 Episode 3
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Flashback: 2005. Oliver pitches Splash! The Musical to Teddy Dimas (Nathan Lane), an investor who lives at the Arconia. Oliver tells the story of how he met his wife, Roberta. After some convincing, Teddy agrees to fund Oliver's show.

Charles and Oliver work on the next episode of the podcast, arguing as usual. Ursula arrives with more Gut Milk, more information about Tim Kono, and final notice from Bunny for Oliver, telling him he has 24 hours to pay up or his power and water will be turned off.

Charles has taken selfies with all the neighbors who have made complaints against Tim Kono. They need to find the man in the tie-dyed hoodie, and "Tim's fiancee," since he believes the ring in the package was for a proposal.

Oliver has a "dream sequence" searching for Tim's murderer in the form of A Chorus Line-style audition. Howard becomes their lead suspect when it is revealed that Tim had threatened to kill Evelyn, Howard's cat. Oliver insists that Mabel and Charles interview Howard, giving them wire microphones to record for the podcast.

A woman bassoonist, Jeanne (Amy Ryan), shows up in the elevator. Jeanne and Charles flirt, which Mabel encourages. 

Oliver visits Teddy, pitching the podcast and asking for sponsorship. Teddy flat out refuses, citing how many investments Oliver has cost him over the years.

Mabel and Charles visit Howard, consoling him about Evelyn. Howard divulges that Tim was fired from his investment job for losing a client a large sum of money. Charles gets a nosebleed and Howard faints. Charles gets ice from the freezer and finds Evelyn's. Howard comes to and reveals that he faints at the sight of blood, which suggests to Mabel that he couldn't be Tim's killer. Howard believes that Tim poisoned Evelyn and then killed himself.

Charles runs into Oliver on the elevator. Oliver is about to sell his Splash! show poster to make some quick cash. Splash! was the biggest flop of all time, and it turns out Oliver had invested his son's college fund in the show.

Mabel visits Mr. Torres, the building superintendent, Oscar's father. He gently but firmly rebukes her, telling her to leave Oscar alone from now on.

Oliver visits Teddy again, finally convincing him to invest in the podcast.

Mabel goes through the jewelry hidden in Tim's "Hardy Boys" books. She finds a mysterious note that reads "G.M. 1/31 @ 4:30 pm Shore Road." The current date is January 24.

Oliver runs into Sting on the elevator. He asks Sting about Tim, but Winnie the bulldog keeps sniffing Sting. Sting clearly doesn't like Winnie.

Back with Charles and Mabel, Oliver reveals he has dropped the first episode of the podcast. Oliver finds a note taped to his door: "End the podcast or I end you". Winnie appears to have been poisoned. Oliver suspects Sting.


Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Gotta get Bunny her money.


You are scoring a murder mystery, not DJing a hobbit's wedding.