Trio - Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 2
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A woman narrates the story of Bunny Folger, beginning with the story of the Arconia.

Archibald Carter designed and built the Arconia, his fourth of the style in as many countries.

Each of Archibald's buildings had little secrets, known only to the architect himself, just as he did. Archibald used his elevator to spy on women undressing.

Archibald eventually married and raised his family in the Arconia. Archibald's daughter Leonora married a Mr. Folger -- these were Bunny's parents. Bunny lived her entire life in that apartment. 

A young Charles runs lines with his actor father. Charles's father urges him not to tell his mother, saying she's a "dream killer. Charles's father points out the Arconia, saying they will live there once he hits it big.

Charles, Mabel, and Oliver regard the painting. Charles points out the neck scar and the watch, both clear signs it's his father. He wonders about his father's reason for being in an erotic painting.

Oliver and Mabel take down the painting. Mabel sees the title on the back -- "Savage." Mabel tells Charles and Oliver that Bunny's last words to her were "savage, savage."

Oliver posits that someone is trying to frame Mabel and Charles. Mabel says they need to get the painting out of the apartment.

A knock at the door. Mabel and Oliver take the painting and hide it.

Charles answers the door. It's Howard, handing Charles keys that were left in the door. Howard mentions how much he loved the podcast, saying he knew it was Jan by the eighth episode. Howard also agrees with the theory that whoever has Bunny's painting is the killer.

Mabel and Oliver show up at the door and explain that they are moving away from that theory. Mabel asks Howard about his black eye. Howard says he was playing with his new kitten and ran into his hutch.

Howard invites them to Bunny's place for a small gathering. Mabel says no one wants to see them. Charles says stopping by a dead person's memorial is a classic killer move, and Howard says that's why they should go -- the killer will probably be there.

The trio plan to get Bunny's painting back into her apartment using the secret elevator.

Howard "chats" with Mrs. Gambolini.

The trio shows up. Uma is cold with them, but Howard says he invited them. Mabel says they want to help find Bunny's killer.

Ursula tells Oliver that one of the podcast ladies (white, glasses, nosey) was sniffing around and bought ten cases of Gut Milk.

A pregnant woman, Nina Lin, announces herself as the new building board president. Howard tells the trio that he doesn't like Nina but can't speak freely here. He says Bunny was a bitch, but Nina is worse.

Uma defends Bunny, saying she was alone in this world. Bunny's mother, Leonora, shows up, asking about the whereabouts of her painting.

Leonora sits, saying the Rose Cooper does not belong to Bunny but to her, and she has a bill of sale to prove it. Lamenting her macular degeneration, Leonora hands her bag to Mabel to look through. Mabel pulls out an old piece of paper, which Uma grabs and reads.

Leonora asks about Bunny's murder, and Uma points her toward the trio. Leonora smells them all in turn. She concludes that they didn't do it, but they know something. She asks for a coco-tini.

Howard brings Leonara a coco-tini -- a chocolate syrup martini. She explains that a coco-tini has coconut in it, not chocolate.

Charles wonders if Leonora knew Rose Cooper or his father. Oliver wonders if Leonora might have killed Bunny to get the painting. Leonora struggles to cut some gouda.

Mabel and Oliver head down to put their plan into action.

Mabel and Oliver sneak the covered painting on a cart. They run into Lester, who offers to help, but Oliver yells at him.

While on the elevator, Mabel gets a text from Alice. Oliver asks Mabel if it's Oscar, but Mabel explains that her relationship with Oscar is winding down.

Charles asks Leonora about the painting and Rose Cooper. Leonora says she recognizes his voice. He says he's an actor from the television show Brazzos. She gets him to quote his signature line.

Charles gets a text from Mabel saying they are there and ready. They head to the bottom of the secret elevator and are almost seen by Ursula, who is throwing something away in the dumpster.

Charles comes out to check for Mabel and Oliver, and the door slams shut behind him. They tell him to go back to the party, but he tells them the party is over.

Oliver says he is going to dump the painting in the dumpster. Mabel and Charles protest. They hear voices and leave the painting beside the dumpster, casually sneaking away as two men bring a couch down.

Back at the "Murder Board," Charles makes a list of people who hate them (Uma, Jan, Teddy, Theo). Under the lists of suspects, he writes, "Me?"

Charles looks at his father's old watch.

Mabel heads to the art gallery, where Alice greets her.

Mabel asks Alice about Rose Cooper. Alice says Rose died mysteriously.

Alice says she has been blocked artistically for a while. She shows Mabel an abstract wooden sculpture she has made. She tells Mabel it is her (Mabel) and hands her an ax, telling her to destroy it.

Charles goes back to the dumpster later, but the painting is gone.

Oliver visits Amy Schumer.

Oliver pitches the show as a two-hander, with Timothee Chalamet playing him, Amy playing Mabel, and Charles being cut. Amy pitches it as a prestige one-hander, all about Jan, with herself playing Jan. Amy pulls out a bassoon which she has been practicing.

Oliver notices the "Savage" painting in Amy Schumer's apartment.

Charles sees Leonora trying to get into his apartment. He asks why. She says he was curious about the painting, so she'll talk to him.

Amy says she found the painting by the dumpster and wants to emulate it for the Jan/Charles love scene. She wonders if Charles would play himself. Oliver says the painting has bad energy and tries to take it down, but Amy stops him.

Alice sets up cameras, telling Mabel that "art as therapy" can help. Alice even offers to give Mabel the footage as that can help. She tells Mabel to think about what she's had to carry, the trauma in her life, and how she's been misunderstood through no fault of her own.

Alice gives Mabel some safety goggles. Mabel hacks away at the sculpture.

Amy asks Oliver if they can get back to the TV idea. She tells him he'll have to clear his name before making a deal. He'll have to find the killer, and then they can start.

Charles makes Leonora a coco-tini, and she asks him what he wants to know.

Alice approaches Mabel after the wreckage. Mabel says she feels better and kisses Alice. Alice kisses her back.

Charles asks Leonora about the painting, as she bought it from the artist, so she must have known Rose Cooper.

Leonora explains that Rose was desperate to get away from a man and didn't have any money, so Leonora bought the painting. Soon after that, Rose went missing and was subsequently declared dead. Charles asks how she died.

Leonora says the mystery around Rose's death made the value of her work skyrocket. Charles asks if Rose lived across the street from the Arconia.

In a flashback, Charles's dad tells him to stay outside for an hour and read while he has his audition, after which they will get hot dogs at Nathan's. He slips some money to the doorman, Joe, who will look after Charles.

Charles realizes his dad has left the script with him and calls after him. His father returns, takes the script, and goes back in.

A knock at Charles's door. It's Mabel, saying she found out something about the Rose Cooper. Oliver arrives, telling them Amy Schumer has the painting.

Leonora, Charles, Mabel, and Oliver head upstairs to Amy Schumer's apartment. Amy immediately comes on to Charles.

Leonora heads in and spies the painting. She feels around the back, saying it's not the original, which was torn in the back -- this is a reproduction.

Amy says she only wanted it because it was a naked painting of Charles, but Charles insists it's not him, so she tells him to take it, which he does.

Amy checks in with Oliver, asking if she was believable in character as Jan, and he's relieved she's not actually into Charles.

Mabel and Oliver head back to Oliver's apartment. Mabel notes that Bunny had the original and wonders why she would have had a replica made. Oliver wonders if the killer had a replica made to frame them.

A knock at the door. It's Uma. She explains that Bunny's will stated she wanted Oliver to have Mrs. Gambolini. Uma drops off the bird in its cage.

Charles stares at the building across the street. Charles recalls how much later in the evening, his dad was escorted out of the building by cops and taken away in a police car.

Charles tells Leonara that he thinks his father is in the painting. Leonora confirms it. She says she had an affair with Charles's father for years. Charles says he thought he was having an affair with Rose Cooper. Leonora confirms it.

Leonora asks what happened to his father, and Charles says he drank and was in jail a lot, and died when Charles was young.

Leonora continues to narrate as she did at the beginning of the episode.

Charles heads up to Oliver's. He shares with Mabel that his father was having an affair with both Leonora and Rose Cooper. He wonders if that means Bunny could be his sister.

Mrs. Gambolini squawks and announces, "I know who did it."

Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Charles Haden Savage: Hey, who’s cooler than me?
Mabel Mora: Everyone.

Charles Haden Savage: We’re getting the hang of this.
Oliver Putnam: Absolutely. You can tell it’s our second season.