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Piper goes on furlough and a familiar face returns to Litchfield. Red's efforts to redeem herself finally pay off.

Red wants Piper to go check on her family business when Piper is on furlough.

When Cal picks her up, instead of wondering at being out, Piper can't believe her grandmother's dead.

Red is preparing to do something special for the girls.

As Red and Nicky are talking, Pornstache walks in writing out shots like confetti.

Healy is seeing a therapist and it comes out that he's really overcome by the number of odd women in his life. He no loner feels useful. He's older, cares less and knows he can't make a difference.

Vee approaches Rosa and Nicky after their NA meeting.

Bennett gives Red shot and she tells him he's going to make a great father. He'd best watch his back.

Vee was one of Red's roommates when she first arrived. The blacks brought Vee a welcome basket upon her arrival, telling her they would see her at breakfast. She doesn't eat breakfast. She does now. She offers some of the items to Red, who thinks she's kind.

Red tells Vee upon the beginning of her prison journey that she used the same kitchen vendor on the outside. Vee suggests she use the vendor.

Poussey is selling cigarettes in the library.

Piper and Cal wind up at Larry's. I had a desire to call him Jerry.

Piper spends the whole time at grandma's funeral telling everyone about being a felon, being out on furlough.

Pornstache messes with Soso and her insubordinate attitude. Soso goes on a hunger strike.

Piper gets randy after drinking a bit and wants to have sex. He doesn't.

Piper's father tries to tell her why he won't visit -- because that woman in there isn't who she is. "That's exactly who I am," she says.

Piper realizes her life with Larry is really over.

Leanne has started calling Soso Mulan. Leanne and Pennsatucky get in fight an Penn jams Leanne's face into the washing machine, making her bleed.

The old ladies show up in the kitchen to gather Red's "stuff" but are underestimated by the Latinas.

Leanne goes to Poussey looking for something stronger than cigarettes. Poussey sends her away in disgust.

Cal decides to get married at his grandmother's funeral.

Taystee turns on Poussey. She's with Vee.

Pennsatucky cries with Healy, begging not to be sent to SHU. He asks if she's always been quick to anger. He tells her a change of perspective can make all the difference. He decides to counsel her one a week instead of sending her to SHU.

When Big Boo talks over Red as she tries to apologize to her ladies, she pops her up side the head. Morello and Gina say there are some things people don't miss about her. Red wants to make it more of a democracy as long as she can have her family back.

Gloria cannot believe how three little old ladies came in and stole from them. Just then, Red sends her apologies with a box of goodies.

Bennett finds a cigarette butt outside the black's cell block and does a search. He finds something in Taystee's cube, but doesn't know what it is. He's ripping things apart and then Pornstache comes out and calms him down.

Piper decides she's not going to return to the girl she used to be.

Red's shop is closed and for lease.

Big Boo goes to Vee with information on another route in. Flash back and Red finds out that Vee put out the order to take over the kitchen. She's beaten to a pulp.

Taystee gives Nicky some smack while Poussey looks on.

Caputo gives Bennett a talking to and Bennett outs Daya's pregnancy -- saying Pornstache must be the father.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Mendez is back, bitches!


What could I possibly try to be taking out of prison?