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As Red watches, Vee establishes herself as a maternal type for the black group at Litchfield and she pays special attention to Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren.

Boo scares the crap out of the newbies as they arrive, and Piper is bringing in the rear.

Red is in the bathroom and hears Vee singing in the shower. She's not happy.

Suzanne is playing with the other gals, but she's only keeping time. 

OMG -- flashback Susanne is so adorable. She dressed herself in an angel outfit to visit her new baby sister, Grace. The miracle who looks like mommy and daddy.

Piper hugs everyone and gives them kisses when she gets in there. She never thought she'd be so happy to be back.

Brook Soso is another new bunkmate. Litch is not how she imagined prison at all.

Pennsatucky has her new teeth and she can't stop smiling. 

Taystee is pissed Vee wasn't there for her when she was out. She didn't even leave her a note. Vee had to hide out because every cop above 124th was up there. 

Suzanne was adopted and her mother tries very hard to integrate her with her younger daughter, but her upper middle class friends don't play nicely.

Daya and Bennett chat in the library about babies and pregnancy.

Red wants to intimidate Vee, who she has a history with from Vee's former time in the joint.

Morello learns Christopher is getting married and moving to Albany.

Larry meets with a journalists and offers himself up as a really great asset to cover the misappropriation of funds at Litch.

Piper and Nicky get reacquainted.

Vee asks Black Cindy to help her retrieve something behind an electrical socket. Black Cindy tells her to sod off. Suzanne overhears.

Childhood Suzanne says she's not weird, but her mom said since she's becoming a woman she should not let other people see her bathing suit parts. She is called stupid by the younger girls when she throws a dragon into their "pretty girl" story.

Piper tries to help Brook on her first night as she cries through sleep.

Larry is out on a date and she asks him about Piper. Suddenly she's asking if he wants kids because she likes a guy with no ambition so he'll stay home and watch them.

Suzanne uses her cunning to get what Vee has hidden.

Bennett tries to help Daya with folic acid by giving her spinach. She's not impressed.

Vee visits Gloria to tell compliment her on her habenaro sauce and to try to make a trade for cigarettes.

Someone hit Piper during her fight with Pennsatucky, but it wasn't Penn. When Caputo send them on their way after a make up talk, he leans into his pants for a rub, but changed his mind.

Vee and Red find each other in the hall. 

Suzanne's mom wanted her to sing at her graduation but she couldn't do it and started beating her head. Flash ahead to the Christmas pageant and Suzanne was beating herself in the head again after "the mute" sang out for her. She ended up outside in the snow, calling Piper Mommy, screaming not to push her to do things anymore.

Suzanne goes to Piper to apologize for what she did. Piper tells her she saved her. Her punch made it seem like a fair fight and it's the whole reason she is back again. She turns down Piper for a date to the movie.

Bennett seems to be missing something from inside his leg.

Morello is breaking down and Nicky comforts her.

Brook is laying on Piper's bed and she doesn't like it much. 

Vee was making a trade with Gloria to get a cake. She first offers it to Suzanne and Taystee is given a peace offering. She asks for forgiveness and invites everyone. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Leanne: I don't know. You're acting a little retarded.
Pennsatucky: I'm not retarded. I got new teeth!

Suzanne: I dressed myself mama. She's so pretty!
Mama: Isn't she?
Suzanne: She looks like you and daddy.
Mama: Mommy and daddy made her honey. She's our miracle.
Suzanne; Can I hold the miracle?