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Tasha is at the black adoption festival, and her drink not only looks like red but tastes like blue, but it's TAYSTEE!!

Taystee is looking for a forever family and she gets the name at the adoption event from a local drug dealer who has her eye on her.

Hello Litchfield ladies! They're getting ready for a career fair.

Alieda and Gloria argue over Daya's care.

Figueroa starts off the career weeks with Dress for Success. Dress for Success is the premiere support network for today's unemployed woman.

Nicky looks great, but her hair is too wild. Taystee has great hair but her blouse is too sheer and her skirt too tight. 

Taystee was still being watched by the drug lady (Vee) while she was trying to live right and keep a job.

Luschek can't get the heating to work.

Oh no they didn't. Big Boo doesn't have her dog anymore because it got weird after she realized the dog liked to lick.

The new kitchen regime is still afraid of Red, but Red is still on the outs with everyone.

A group of older inmates asks Red to join them in the mess, but Red stays on her own.

Pennsatucky is back and she has one tooth here and there. Healy is still trying to learn Russian. Pennsatucky feels clarified, but she doesn't really remember what happened with Piper. Healy makes it clear that nobody is going to believe a drug addled messed up hillbilly over him. Healy asks what will help Pennsatucky forget what she thinks she saw.

Figueroa is still telling tales about the money and how it's being spent to benefit the inmates in Litchfield. Her husband is running for Senate.

Leanne thinks things have been more peaceful since Penn has been gone.

Larry and his father are in a steam room. Piper is probably still in Chicago. Howard wants Larry to get laid and get on with his life. Just then a bunch of nekkid men walk in. There is a couple beside them actively engaged in snogging.

Larry is still hung up on Piper and being surrounded by nekkid people means he's thinking only of sex.

Lorna wants to marry Christopher and have his babies, or perhaps Pinterest for a living. Susanne wants to work with mentally challenged kids because she thinks she has a lot to offer that could help them heal and she'd also like to work with round objects. Sister Ingalls doesn't think going from a nun's habit to a prison uniform gives her the right experience to work in the fashion industry. Nicky is pissed that they want her to be a corrections officer. Taystee has poetic inclinations.

Red wants her son to marry the "violent criminal" that beat her baby boy with a sock of quarters. She's the mother of child, she's nice!

Red has no money in her account and it's because nobody is in the store since everyone is afraid of them.

Taystee wants to win the job fair for all the black women. Flashback to when she goes to Vee trying to get a job with her. Taystee really does have a mind for business and numbers. Working with Vee was apparently her step up and her step into Litch.

Aleida is stealing food from the kitchen, yogurt to make Daya poop.

Larry goes to see Polly, who is breast feeding and her boobs are hanging out. Watching Polly is so distracting with her boob hanging out.

Taystee has always wanted a job and she even knows branding as she helps Vee brand her smack.

The old ladies hang with Red whether she likes it or not. Red's getting gray hair and they tell her to just let it go. Who are they trying to impress?!

Phillip Morris Corporation speaks at the job fair and conducts the fake interviews. It makes sense that they'd take their employees from prison. Taystee tears up the interview and is so prepared she even has facts about the corporation.

Taystee and Vee lost their friend when he was shot by the police. 

Taystee wins the job fair and asks Figueroa how she gets her job. Figueroa tells her to grow up she's not her mother and then offers a $10 prize to her account. Taystee turns around and Vee is standing there.

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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You know I can promise you that I've never been more saner than I am right now.


Aleida: How come you ain't in jail Luschek?
Luschek: I am in jail. Every f*ckin' day.