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Several futures hang in the balance as inmates face and confront their worst fears.

Caputo tries to get some higher ups, the SIS, visiting about the Red incident to talk with him before Figueroa, but they don't play along.

Black Cindy and Watson are cleaning the warehouse when vee enters. They were talking about her. vee set up Crazy Eyes for Red's beating.

Morello says that before vee got there it wasn't like camp, but at least people weren't trying to kill her.

Half the people say it was vee and the other half say Crazy Eyes. Red doesn't fess up to seeing a thing.

Piper is in SHU. Caputo wants to know who asked her to steal the file. Piper promises to tell Caputo everything as long as he stops her transfer. Caputo tells Fig he's done cleaning up her crap. He says "suck my dick Natalie" and she gets down on her knees. Fig finds out afterward that he's already given the files to SIS.

Caputo has decided to cancel all the transfers. He's on his way in while Fig is on her way out. The next few days are crucial.

Poussey is pleased when Taystee sits next to her and in order to "talk" they need to take on fake personas. 

Nicky and Morello take on vee in the meal room. Taystee and Poussey won't sit with Black Cindy and Watson.

Healy readies his Safe Place but nobody shows. Leanne steals the cookies. Pennsatucky is getting her hair done when Healy walks by to tell her he's cancelling it. She feels badly.

A gaggle of nuns appears outside the prison to support Ingalls. Caputo tries to tell them he's the good guy and asks if they can come back.

Crazy Eyes is shocked vee thinks she hurt Red. vee suckers her with a game of UNO. 

Pennsatucky has a cute new pixie hair cut. Her old friends make fun of her in the laundry room. She learns nobody showed up for Safe Place and feels horrible.

Alex visits Piper. Alex thought Piper was going to tell the truth and Piper thought Alex was going to lie. Alex thinks her only option is to start dealing again so her newer, bigger dealer can beat up her old dealer.

Alex has decided to skip town. She'll never come back. She's saying goodbye to Piper.

Nicky goes to Boo to look for help bringing down vee.

Crazy Eyes is thinking that she might have done the bad thing to the Russian lady. Taystee tells her vee is a liar. Crazy Eyes tells her vee said she's a truth teller. Crazy is too far gone to accept the truth.

Bennett tells Daya he can't come clean right now because Fig might be out and Caputo will take Bennett up with him.

Gloria finds Norma collecting apple seeds trying to make arsenic. 

Ingalls discovers that her friends came out for her after all. She and Red talk about sex. Red thinks sex needs a little fear for it to be good and that's why it's not exciting after marriage.

The SIS officers are completely confused about Crazy Eyes. She's talking... crazy.

vee finds a note in her bunk and threatens Cindy with a stick.

Healy tells Red Crazy Eyes is going down for her beating. She wants to make it right but Healy says it's too late. SIS has her statement and they want to go home.

Rosa gets the news that her chemo isn't working. The doctor gives her 3-6 weeks to live. 

The mother that was going to be transferred discovers that the threat of her transfer made her boyfriend start to talk. He's chattering away to his baby.

Pennsatucky has a really good conversation with Healy that ends very oddly.

Gloria helps Mona by doing a special prayer.

Healy tries to get Crazy Eyes to say what she did. SIS says she beat Red and so did vee, so obviously she doesn't remember properly.

Fig gets off with a commendation and a press release about what a great assistant warden she was. She and Caputo have words.

Taystee apologizes to Poussey. They talk about Outlander.

Black Cindy and Watson warn Poussey and Taystee that vee is going to try to take down anyone because her drugs are gone.

Caputo tells Sister Ingalls he stopped the transfer. He wants to make a difference. He asks if she'll please help him show the administration he can do it. He asks her call off her nuns.

Healy asks Luschek about Crazy Eyes and if he saw her cleaning around the time Red got slugged. Healy has him fill out a form showing where Crazy was during vee's beating.

vee has nobody. She asks if she'll come play with mama again. vee reminds Taystee what happens when someone oversteps, like RJ. Her 'girls' turn vee out. vee vows to find a new family. Taystee says she'll find a whole bunch of psychos.

Morello is being cheerful in the van on the way back to the hospital, but she learns Rosa is done. Done done. 

Soso tells Piper she doesn't think she'll be the same when she gets out and it's not OK.

One of the SIS guys has problems sending Crazy down for what happened to Red, but the other wants to go home. The girls show up recanting and SIS ignores them. Healy is close behind with the forged work order.

Bennett tells the truth to Caputo. Caputo refuses to accept what happened and he tells him to keep his mouth shut. If he doesn't, Caputo will send Daya to max. 

Piper calls Parry to tell them to call Alex's probation officer to let them know Alex is preparing to flee. Larry doesn't want to give her what she wants, but when Polly hears that, she steps up.

One of Red's girls goes to the greenhouse and sees the grate open. She closes it and puts the wood back. Meanwhile Nicky leads Boo to the stash and they try to think about taking it to the ware house to frame vee.

vee has erupted in the woods and is running. The prison goes on lockdown when they realize she's missing.

There is a knock at Alex's door. She picks up the gun and the garbage man unlocks the door. Davey Crockett is there and she has a gun in her hand.

Piper starts to read all of the letters Alex sent to her.

Crazy Eyes clutches her UNO and cries.

Morello leaves the van so Rosa can escape. 

Caputo is walking Ingalls out to address the nuns as Rosa careens by. Scatter the nuns!

Rosa sees vee on the side of the street and runs her ass down as "Don't Fear the Reaper" plays on the radio. As she's driving, the police in her wake, we see young Rosa driving.


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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Figueroa: So we're good?
Caputo: I do like you down on your knees.

You're still hot. I mean you're a horrible person, but you're hot as hell.