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Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole while the inmates prepare for the Valentine's Day party.

The inmates are filmed talking about what love means to them.

Daya wants to pretend she and Bennett are a normal couple.

None of "Vee's girls" are enjoying their broken bathroom as they sponge bath each other. Vee is trying to get Taystee to work custodial and give up her library job.

Suzanne is trying to get the girls into line. 

Poussey was an Army brat. She was in love with a girl on base in Germany. 

Piper greets Larry suggestively and he doesn't reciprocate. When she gets out, she wants to go home. He brings up financial reporter Andrew Nance. Larry wants to write it instead. 

Red's son is getting the lid off the drain and he delivers her some goods. 

Fischer is very excited with her new job reviewing inmate phone calls. She tells Caputo she's not with her guy anymore because he wore a lot of vests. Caputo invites her to one of his shows.

Taystee is transferring out of the library because she owes Vee. Poussey cannot believe it.

Holy crap. Poussey and her German girlfriend have quite a sex scene.

Red starts handing out the goodies she got. 

Poussey tells Vee that if she gets Taystee in trouble she'll kill her. Vee tells her Taystee will never love her the way she wants to be loved.

Poussey finds out that her father is being transferred again, back to the States, when he previously promised they were done moving.

Piper discovers that none of the electrical has been done in years. She also wonders why a gym has never been built. 

Healy asks why Piper is asking so many questions and she says she's starting a newsletter. Piper offers Healy the title of Editor in Chief if he gives her approval. Healy says the girls used to like him. Piper says they will again.

Taystee is sick of Vee ordering her around when she doesn't even have a plan. Inside the cleanser is tobacco. 

Piper gets a Valentine from Alex but she throws it away before opening it.

Bennett and Daya leave the Valentine's party to have sex. He notices her boobs are bigger.

The old lady who is always looking for her husband walks out into the yard.

Pornstache sends Daya a Valentine's card. She thought it was Bennett.

Healy is trying very hard to be a good husband for his wife, Katya.

The Latinas blackmail Bennett to keep quiet about Daya.

Fischer shows up at Caputo's gig and brings half the staff. She seems to be getting it on with Luschek.

The girls are playing pin the penis.

Suzanne finds a wedding invitation for Christopher's wedding and she has a new girl in Morello.

Flaca and Maritza try kissing, but cry together instead.

Poussey's father saves her from doing something terrible in Germany when she almost pulls a gun on her lover's father.

Healy is outside crying and Pennsatucky goes outside, too. He shares his cookie with her and she hugs him.

As Caputo is singing, he sees the old lady, covered in mud, sitting at the bar.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

It must be hard, being locked up on Valentine's Day. That's all.


No. This year I'm lovin' someone who deserves me. Me.