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Taystee picks The Wiz for movie night, but no one else is excited about it. During the film, the neo-Nazi's begin causing trouble. Coates pulls the plug on the movie before violence can erupt. Cindy and Jusy keep their fake relationship going, but Cindy is upset when Judy doesn't come into the movie room when she sees conflict. 

Aleida is released from prison and gets picked up by one of Caesar's baby mammas. She also finds out her cousin spent all her money and that he children are separated in foster care. Back at the prison, Gloria sees Daya begin to spend more time with Maria. Gloria warns Daya not to get involved.

Blanca is still standing on top of the table forced to urinate and sleep standing up. Piper sees this and is horrified. She confronts Piscatella to express her concerns, but he could care less. Later, Piper tries to sneak Blanca some food and is caught by CO Dixon. As punishment, Piper now has to stand on the table as well.

Piscatella decides to destroy the garden in order to accommodate a new pipeline. The construction worker soon discovers the body parts buried in the soil. 

Suzanne feels she is ready for sex, so she finds Kukudio. Just as Suzanne is about to climax, Kukudio stops and tells her it's revenge for abandoning her in the woods. 

Nichols' lie about getting clean doesn't stop Red from making sure no one gives any drugs to her. Nichols finds out Luschek had a hand in getting her out of MAX. 

Maritza tells Flaca about her deranged encounter with CO Humphrey. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Do you ever feel like a person without a country?


I don't know what poison you and your hillbilly friends are peddling, but if you sell any of it to Nichols, you will never know what's really in your food, and I assure you, I can slip in untold horrors.