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After seeing Poussey struggle to approach Judy King, Soso sets her up on a blind friend date, only for Judy to reveal some of Soso's uninformed (and slightly bigoted) assumptions about Poussey's life. Poussey ends things between them, saying that they moved into their relationship too quickly and that they don't really know one another. Soso borrows a move from John Cusack to get Poussey's attention, declaring that even if they don't know each other, she wants to know her better. The two reconcile.

In flashbacks, Soso's early days as a community organizer are shown. While working to keep a Walmart out of a neighborhood (and hook up with a cute co-organizer) she accepts a dare to get the signature of a sex offender. She goes into the situation with a lot of preconceptions, assuming that the man collected kiddie porn or was a rapist, and is surprised to find out that all he did was have sex on a beach with his girlfriend one night. Despite showing empathy to him and being forced to confront her own prejudice, she lies once she is back at the organizing HQ, telling her ex boyfriend and current crush that the man was much worse than they suspected and that he attempted to seduce her. 

Taystee is called to Caputo's office, causing her anxiety, but she finds out that she's been selected as his new assistant. She assumes that it's because she won the job fair, but Caputo reveals to Piscatella that it's because she's the only competent inmate he's not overly attracted to. She struggles with some of the technical aspects of the job (answering phones is not her strength), but her organizational abilities and natural business skills come in handy with the guard housing renovations. There is a small amount of pushback from the other inmates over her position, but  mostly her friends seem happy for her. 

Caputo goes on a date with Linda from purchasing, but he starts to feel guilty about his allegiance to MCC when he spots Donaldson working as a busboy at the restaurant they are at. He gives their waiter $20 to pass along after they are gone, but Donaldson confronts him outside, attempting to shame him for firing the guards by relating how the others are doing -- O'Neill has ended up on dialysis after a kidney stone infection. Caputo turns around the argument saying that he's not sorry he fired them since they left the prison in the middle of a volatile situation that could have endangered the inmates, the remaining guards, and the nearby community.

Lolly becomes paranoid about Aydin's being found, and keeps freaking out. Alex tries to keep her focused by giving her a mantra, but after Lolly spots a drone flying about the prison, she starts to try to dig up the body parts. Frieda temporarily calms Lolly by lying and saying that she already moved the body, but mentions to Alex after she leaves that they are going to have to kill Lolly to keep her quiet. 

Piper continues to attempt to consolidate (and validate) her power, but is shaken when Ruiz challenges her. Refusing to hire Ruiz's two recruits will turn out to have major lasting repercussions.

Lorna has been having (very public) phone sex with her husband in an attempt to keep him faithful, but she is disturbed when he urges her to cut it out on their phone call, and then shocked to find out that he still lives with his parents and little brother. They talk things through on his next visit before resuming their fantasy game in person in the visitation room, to everyone else's disgust/interest.

Gloria tells her son that Michael and Crystal need to do more for Sofia, like get a non profit involved. She tries to hold his focus while Lorna and her husband act out. 

Red is pissed off about Judy's special treatment and inclusion in the garden club. Even more infuriating is that Judy doesn't have any respect for the prison hierarchy, or Red herself. After Judy disregards Red's instructions in the garden and Red catches Healy giving her special access to the guard's restroom, Red doses Judy's food with eye drops, causing immediate diarrhea. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Why does she get some special garden tour like some fancy Shiba Inu?

Lolly [about Judy King]

You don't have to be from Hollywood to want to put in a warm place. It's called having a dick.