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Maria is uncomfortable with the overcrowding. We learn that the different Hispanic groups can also get on each others' nerves. In her back story, we learn her father was a drug dealer, and was very big on Dominican pride. When Maria grew older and fell for Yadriel, who is Mexican, he threw her out. Maria steps up when Blanca gets beat up by some of the white power inmates, and she retaliates by beating one of them up. 

Cindy and her new bunk mate, Alison, do not get off on the right foot. They are of different faiths and criticize each other for those faiths. 

Piper thinks she's someone to be feared now, but Red reminds her that she needs to illusion of power. As a result, Piper tries to get her new bunk mate, Hapakuka, to act as her bodyguard.

Red is annoyed when her new bunk mate won't stop snoring and tries to come up with a way to make the noise stop.

Daya is worried about her baby being lost in the foster care system, but Aledia says Cesar will find a way to get out of jail. Daya later finds her mom crying because Cesar is going to be in jail for a long time. 

Mendoza gets her son to contact Sophia's wife, to her her know that Sophia has been locked away in the SHU. When Sophia's wife confronts Caputo, he barely sticks around to listen. He's too busy flirting with a new woman and coming up with the idea that veterans can be the new CO's. 

Pennsatucky keeps an eye on Maritza for any sign that Coates has raped her too.

Judy King gets special treatment, and Yoga Jones becomes her new bunk mate. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Angie: There's so many Mexicans now. It's like a Home Depot parkin' lot in here.
Leanne: Dominicans. If you're gonna be racist, you gotta be accurate, or you just look dumb.

Alison: First of all, your name ain't Tova.
Cindy: I'm sorry?
Alison: Black people been naming their kids some crazy shit, but Tova ain't on the list. Unless the "V" is like a five or somethin'.
Cindy: It's Hebrew.
Alison: Please, you ain't no Jew.
Cindy: You want to say that again, bitch? Like you was born in Karachi.