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Blanca figures out that by not showering, or at least perfuming herself with unctious potions, she can avoid stop and frisks. The guards quickly figure out what she's doing, and demand that she stops. When she refuses, Stratman punishes her by demanding that she stand on a dining hall table to think about her choices until she promises to comply. In flashback, we see that Blanca was working for a mean spirited old woman when she met Diablo. She had regrets about never taking any chances in her life and always going along with what was expected of her. After her employer fires Diablo because of their flirtation, she rebels by taking charge, shocking the old woman by having passionate sex with Diablo in front of her and generally doing things her own way.


Black Cindy and Judy King fake a relationship to avoid Caputo's ire. Yoga Jones is annoyed by Judy's new friends constantly hanging around. Piscadella assigns Luschek to hunt down contraband cell phones, not knowing that the leaked photo was taken with Luschek's phone. 

Sister Ingalls keeps trying to get sent to SHU so she can get eyes on Sofia, but the guards are under orders to avoid sending anyone down to max unless absolutely necessary, and they all think of her as harmless. Finally, she punches Gloria, who goes along with the plan by claiming to fear for her safety. 

Piper and Alex plot to get cheeseburgers smuggled in, but when they hit a wall, they decide to stay on the straight and narrow. They make substitute sandwiches with SPAM, and regret it.

Red's family debates over how to handle Nicky's drug use. 

Ruiz continues to consolidate her power, attempting to keep control and secrecy by being a benevolent ruler. Still, she threatens Maritza when she tries to bow out. A few days later, after Humphry makes a comment indicating he knows what's going on, Maritza blows the cousins cover, making the guards think he's some kind of prison peeping Tom. Ruiz doesn't respond well, but Maritza stands up to her. 

Aleida gets ready for her release, but in typical fashion, is brusque with Daya as a way of protecting herself from her emotions. She makes sure that Gloria will watch after Daya and keep her out of trouble. 

Boo is upset when she finds out that Pennsatucky is considering forgiving Donuts. 

Lorna's paranoia about Vinnie's faithfulness reaches new levels. After not hearing from her husband for a few weeks, she asks her sister to go and check on him, but becomes suspicious when Frannie only has praise for him. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

This food looks like something a walrus would regurgitate to feed it's least favorite baby.


Pidge: You just gonna bend like that?
Ruiz: We got power now. We can't be petty and sh*t.