Happy Birthday Jenny - Ordinary Joe
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Barrett wants Jenny's answer about the law grant by Friday. Jenny and Joe share an awkward kiss. Chris wants to make his mom's birthday special. He's worried his parents are getting divorced.

Frank takes Rockstar Joe to an adoption agency. The receptionist is starstruck over him, but can only help him if his name was on the birth certificate.

Bobby Diaz helping Amy get her campaign ready. Joe doesn't look thrilled their place is campaign headquarters.

Cop Joe visits Eric at his restaurant. Eric is excited about his new baby and teases Joe and his date with Amy.

Jenny stops by Bobby's campaign headquarters to ask if they knew if Wayne Coleman was a donor and how he went from being a supporter to an assailant.

Eric set up a romantic getaway for Nurse Joe and Jenny for her birthday.

Frank refuses to help Rockstar Joe find his son unless he tells Amy the truth.

Nurse Joe notices Bobby Diaz is starting to develop tremors. He told his boss, who is Jenny's dad. He was more concerned with Joe fixing his marriage to his daughter.

Bobby isn't happy Amy is dating Cop Joe. She reminds him he's married. He ends up canceling a date with her that night. She's mad and calls Joe. She ends up at her first Friday night dinner.

Rockstar Joe crashed Jenny's party and forgot Amy's campaign speech. He kept harassing Jenny about the birth certificate. He arrived at the campaign speech late, angering everyone.

Jenny told Nurse Joe she didn't feel comfortable leaving Chris alone. The three of them celebrated at home with homemade cake. Joe wants to go to couples therapy. Jenny decides to stay and not take the grant.




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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

We’ll make it your team. We’re not focused on just your official announcement, okay?


Cop Joe: It actually went great. There might be something there.
Eric: And so you’re freaking out?
Cop Joe: I’m not freaking out. I just don’t want to crash and burn with this girl.