A Devastating Loss - Ordinary Joe
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Amy is traumatized by Bobby's death. We see flashbacks of her being involved in protests as a young teen.

Jenny gives Amy a 90-second warning that the Feds are coming to search her place. Someone wrote traitor on Cop Joe's desk.

Joe is in therapy and angry about how his relationship with Frank has changed. He's cleared to return to work.

Amy is in charge of planning Bobby's funeral. She learned she's a congresswoman since Regina declined succession. As she writes Bobby's eulogy, Eric returns Bobby's watch, saying the hotel found it in Amy's room.

Amy shows up at Nurse Joe's and is concerned about drunk Uncle Frank being in his life. Frank barges into Chris's room and then starts coughing up blood. Amy takes Chris for the day.

Amy and Eric play Jenga with Chris, trying to distract him, but he wants to know why Uncle Frank still drinks. Amy compares it to playing video games even when it gives you a headache. She and Eric love being with kids they decide to adopt.

Nurse Joe takes Uncle Frank to the hospital. Dr. Banks is compassionate and offers to check him out. He even offers to send him to rehab and wants a fresh start with Joe.

Cop Joe tries to salvage his relationship with Frank, but he blames him for his suspension. Amy is trending as a homewrecker, and the Feds trashed her apartment. Amy and Joe agree to a reset, and she agrees to stay with him.

Nurse Joe convinces Uncle Frank that he doesn't want to lose him too and to go to rehab.

Amy does Bobby's eulogy where she talks about the importance of Bobby's watch and time and places it in the casket. When she and Regina hug, Regina reveals she knows Amy and Bobby had an affair.

Amy must reveal her affair to Joe now.



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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I’m a congresswoman.


Honey, the most important thing you will ever do is raise your voice for what you believe in. That’s what your father and I were arguing about today and that’s what you need to do at that protest today.

Amy’s mom