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Rockstar Joe takes his anger out on the drums, and Eric encourages him to talk to Amy.

Jenny has to work a pro-bono case and can't come home.

Nurse Joe and Chris are trying to find an aide to help them. Many of the applicants are weird until the nurse aide that Joe met in the break room applies. Kinsley hits it off with Chris.

Celeste showed up and attacked Joe with hugs in multiple timelines. In the Rockstar Joe timeline, they talk about how Joe must decide how to proceed with Amy, while in the Cop Joe one, she asks when he will marry Amy.

There were parallel Thanksgiving scenes. Mallory and Eric asked Joe to be the godfather.

Gwen has a tradition where everyone says what they're grateful for. This worked the best in the Nurse Joe timeline.

The drama went down at Cop Joe's. Frank blamed Joe and Amy for his suspension. Celeste remembered a Thanksgiving and their dad's temper.

Sal tells Eric he's HIV positive but healthy. Eric is just grateful he's stating someone honest.

Amy tries to talk to Joe at her campaign, but he won't. The crowd requests one of his first hits. Amy says it was the first song he ever wrote, and it was for the two of them. Joe can't get through the song without crying.

Jenny missed a call from Joe. Nurse Joe decides to hire Kinsley.

Cop Joe enters the burning building to try and save the boy. He doesn't want to leave anything unsaid, so he tells Amy he loves her.

Amy tries to talk to Rockstar Joe again and learns she is pregnant.

Ordinary Joe
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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I know I hurt you, Joe. I am so sorry. It was a one-time mistake. Joe, I love you so much.


I can’t be in the middle. You know I love both of you so much. Have you talked to her?