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It's graduation day for Eric and Joe. Eric announces he wants to work in the food world. His dad is so proud. Joe is still unsure so both his mom and Uncle Frank throw suggestions and contacts at him.

Joe's mom gives him a letter from his dad, written for when his life was at a crossroads. Joe stares at his leading ladies and his family and it begins.

Four hours later-Joe is with his family and Joe chose to ignore Jenny's texts.

In the Rockstar Joe timeline, Joe leaves the party, because he has a date with Amy. Gwen tells him to call her contact at the conservatory while he's in the city.

In the third timeline, Joe and Eric go to the lakehouse, Joe sees Jenny with a pregnancy test, which she was waiting to take until he arrived.

Joe meets Amy at a cafe. Eric in both of the other timelines meet Amy at the same cafe, but only Rockstar Joe and culinary chef Eric hit it off with Amy.  Eric tells Amy he's bi, but he only dates people he likes, and they hit off.

Joe and Amy discuss her political dreams and he makes her pursue getting in touch with Bobby. She's impressed with his Billy Joel audition at the conservatory.

Jenny didn't plan this pregnancy. It didn't fit her timeline. Her dad is angry and tries to buy off Joe. Joe's mom supports him.

Uncle Frank wants Joe to become a cop and join the family business.

Amy encourages Joe to sing as he wants and play guitar.

Joe reads the letter his dad wrote, where he encourages him to be bold and brave, so he decides to sing with Amy, propose to Jenny, and become a cop.


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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Music is in your soul, and what the world needs is more music.


I’m a one people person and I only date people I like.