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Cal hit Sarah's car to try to get her back from the guy who took her. Kira is OK .

Helena is still drugged and wonders where she is. Henrik tells her he had no idea what kind of life she had before now, but it's all better. All the people around her were her family.

Alison is being held somewhere and she thinks it's the Dyad -- but it's rehab.

Sarah, Kira and Cal leave in a big RV.

Art photographs the ranch. Henrik knows he's there but doesn't mind.

Gracie tries to smother Helena. Helena acts dead, then grabs and knocks Gracie unconscious.

Helena finds the insemination room and remembers what they did to her. Helena leaves and runs out of the compound right by Art.

Cosima is still watching Jennifer's tapes. She tells Sarah about Leda and the twins, noting that the photo appears to be military in origin.

Felix is there for Alison and tells her she gave her consent for rehab. Alison tells him she saw a woman shaving her armpits. Felix convinces her to stay for a week.

Sarah leaves Kira with Cal to go back for answers. Cal asks Sarah for the name of the corporation.

Mrs. S. meets an old friend, Carlton, and gets down and dirty. He was in prison.

Donnie threatens Alison. She can't see the kids unless she finishes rehab.

Sarah and Felix find an article about six scientists killed in a fire -- Susan and Ethan Duncan. They were in Project LEDA and Rachel's parents. Someone comes out of Mrs. S's basement.

Sarah enters Rachel's apartment and finds a VHS recording of her with Susan Duncan. Cosima says Emilia carries Sarah for the Duncans but somehow they ended up with Rachel. Cosima thinks Rachel would have been raised totally self-aware in a clinical life without emotional attachments, but the tapes show something completely different.

While Sarah is in Rachel's apartment, Daniel (Rachel's man) returns and talks to Leekie. Sarah tries to escape, but he captures her and ties her up. She's certain he won't kill her, as he sharpens a straight blade. He cuts deeply behind her ear and then someone enters the apartment.

A fight ensues and Daniel is killed. Helena is there with a knife. Sarah is scared to death and screaming, but Helena tells her to shush. Helena thinks Henrik took something from inside of her. She puts her head on Sarah's chest and Sarah cries.

Henrik is looking into a microscope. There is fertilization. He say, "Just when the night is darkest, he shines a light. And a new life begins."


Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Cal: You must have really gotten under their skin.
Sarah: They sort of got under mine first.

It’s a miracle. We were meant to be together. Always. Sestra. I need your help. I was married. I think he took something from inside of me.