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Alison struggles with Aynsley's death and Cosima grapples with the worsening symptoms of her mysterious illness on this Orphan Black episode.

Helena is in the hospital with sugar packs and lollipops.

Proletheans are holding Kira.

Art is already over the clone club, and helping Sarah find Kira.

Kira calls Sara, telling her there is a weird man there.

Alison is at Aynsley's funeral, dressed as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. She's getting messages on her cell phone that she's ignoring.

The cowboys, Henrik and Mark, are inseminating cows.

Cosima and Delphine are talking with Dr. Leekie about never trusting Sarah.

Art and Sarah get to the motel and Kira is gone. The man stuffs Sarah in a trunk and takes her to Mrs. H. The man's name is Benjamin. S. tells Sarah she just passed through an airlock.

Cosima is shown to her lab. She thinks it's obsolete. Leekie assures her it's cusomizable.

Alison is at practice for the musical. She's messing up and her director is trying to get her to breathe better by touching her breasts and ass.

Alison is freaking out because she let Aynsley die and Donnie was really her monitor after all.

Kira is fine, with the same people who first helped S, Sarah and Felix when they first left the UK.

Angie shows Art a photo of Helena in the hospital and he tells her to leave it alone. She doesn't. Helena is gone when she gets to her room. Mark the cowboy has her.

Helena's organs are all transposed, a genetic anamoly that sometimes happens in identical twins. Henrik tells Tomas this.

Felix and Alison bait the hook for Donnie to be outed as her monitor. He bites.

S. shares that she's going to London with Kira and will arrange passage for Sarah later, and then denies knowledge of Project Leda.

Cosima meets Rachel. Rachel wants her to work on Sarah's genome and why she's "different" than the rest of them.

Mrs. S. finds out her contacts sold her out to the Proletheans. She tells them the children she brought into their lives are Project Leda. When Brenda says she doesn't know what that is, Mrs. S. says good and shoots her.

Sarah, Felix and Kira hit the road.

The cowboys kill Tomas when it occurs to them that if Sarah could have children, perhaps her identical twin could as well. Tomas thinks any children of Helena's would be monsters. Henrik disagrees.

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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Sarah: Look, I need you to keep telling me we can make it.
Felix: We can.

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Felix: I can't believe you let a cop into Clone Club.
Art: Yeah, well I'm over it.