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The clones are back on the season two premiere of Orphan Black.

Sarah is on the run from armed men after she loses Kira and Mrs. S. 

Paul calls Sarah, she wants to see Kira and Mrs. S. She'll have to go in for that. She doesn't think so.

Cosima and Delphine pull blood samples and talk about Dyad.

Felix goes to Alison for guns, the go-to girl for guns.

A skater gives Paul a cell phone and Sarah calls. Rachel is taking Kira on a private plane after a Dyad event tonight.

Cosima thinks she should go to the event.

Alison gets the gun from the grocery boy, Ramon.

Delphine is escorted upstairs as soon as she arrives at Dyad.

Delphine gives the blood sample of 324b21 to Dr. Leekie. Cosima is showing the same symptoms as the other two and Delphine is invested.

Alison is given the lead in her play upon Aynsley's death.

Art and Angela catch Sara before she can get the gun from Alison.

Rachel intends to take Paul to China.

Dr. Leekie asks Rachel if she really kidnapped Sarah's people. 

The thugs get Alison while she's whistling and spraying mace, but they got the wrong clone.

Cosima shows up to the Dyad function and is greeted by Delphine with a big kiss, but it's not Cosima. It's Sarah.

While Leekie is downstairs giving a speech, Rachel is upstairs talking about natural versus synthetic DNA and the patent claims on it. 

Sarah gets to Rachel and Rachel says she doesn't have Kira, the place was overturned before they got there. Paul shows up with a gun, but eventually lets Sarah walk.

Helena is alive!!!

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Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Alison: Felix, are you high?
Felix: I didn't know there was going to be a huge emergency, did I?

C'mon. Get your shit together you silly tit!