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Paul takes the boy clones notebooks on their sexual activity with civilians to the government, but they say they need more evidence before the project can be shut down. 

Donnie and Alison celebrate their new income, and Alison plans to meet Jason again to discuss their business.

Delphine returns from Topside, questioning Cosima's work with the Castor clones. She points out that Gracie's samples have the same protein as the brain of the dead Castor clone. 

When Paul returns, he finds Sarah is sick, and she tells him that she thinks Dr. Coady is behind it. 

In the desert, Helena runs for her life, while Rudy tracks her. 

Paul questions one of the doctors about what's been going on with Castor, and he reveals that the science got more secretive while Paul was away. He tips him off that the data is locked away in Coady's private quarters.

Felix takes Gracie to Dyad for more tests, and he seeks out Rachel for answers about Castor's whereabouts. 

Paul recruits Mark in his mission to find out what Coady is up to. In her research, he finds out that the Castor defect can be sexually transmitted, and it ends up sterilizing the women it's passed to.

Felix questions Rachel, but she doesn't tell him anything. Scott notices that her paintings have the same symbols as Duncan's code.

Rudy cuts his search for Helena short after he hears that Paul has taken over the base.

When Sarah questions Coady, she admits that she infected Sarah with Rudy's blood with the hopes that she would fight off in the disorder. Paul realizes that she's trying to weaponize the defect. 

Rudy storms the camp, and Paul realizes that he was tipped off by his own contact within the government. They try to escape, but Paul is stabbed in the stomach. 

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Scott, my sister is missing, and I am really, really desperate. Okay? Now, nut up and lead me to the cyclops.


Helena, did you hear the one about the pregnant girl who fell down in the desert?