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Delphine checks on Crystal, the clone who was nearly kidnapped by Castor, and she seems unaware of any clone possibilities. 

Dr. Coady is on the search for Sarah and Helena, but her contact within the CIA has bigger plans. He says he has a spy inside Leda. 

Cosima recovers from her episode with Shea, and Helena moves in with Alison and Donnie.

Rachel suspects that Delphine plans to terminate her, so she makes a deal with Sarah. If they get her out of Dyad, she will decode the book for them.

Per Rachel's orders, Sarah and Felix go to steal Crystal's identity in order to help Rachel sneak out of the country. 

Cosima shows Shay her lab, and Scott tells her the plan to help Rachel escape.

At Bubbles, Helena takes a liking to Donnie, and Gracie starts her first day of work. Jason kisses Alison again, and she doesn't push him away.

Felix puts on an American accent to trick Crystal while he steals her ID and account information. He flirts with her enough to steal her wallet, but he finds her journal and realizes she's been investigating her Castor attack on her own.

When Scott gets home, he finds Rudy in his apartment. The Castor clone demands that Scott hand over Duncan's book.

Delphine shows Cosima data from the European trails of Leda, and the outlook doesn't seem good for her disease. 

Scott calls Delphine, panicked because Rudy took Duncan's book. Delphine feels betrayed that Cosima went to Rachel with the new clue instead of her. 

Later inside Leda, Cosima and Scott break Rachel out with the help of his gaming buddies. Cosima distracts Delphine, and they kiss.

Donnie texts Jason from Alison's phone, and they get into a fist fight. Jason knocks Donnie out.

Rachel decodes a full page of the book before Dyad shows up to take her back. She has a seizure and is rushed into surgery. The doctors put her into a coma to help with the swelling in her brain, but they're not hopeful she'll ever recover. Later, it is revealed that Rachel had Crystal kidnapped as part of her escape, and that is who is in the coma.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

If we're going to go roadtripping to steal some poor clone's identity, then I've only got one demand. I get to chose the music.


I just can't lose another one of us.