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Helena hallucinates her perfect baby shower, when in fact she is being held prisoner by the Castor clones.

Rachel undergoes surgery to fix her eye.

Delphine asks for Sarah's help interogating one of the Castor clones they've caught, who says he'll only speak with her. She agrees, and he reveals that he knows everything about her sisters, her family, and her friends.

A cleaner visits the Dyad, and Delphine asks Sarah to pretend to be Rachel to throw him off the scent.

Mrs. S is attacked by a Castor clone, who wants Duncan's research.

Sarah finds out that Mrs. S gave Helena over to Castor, and she agrees to play Rachel in exchange or Dyad's help saving her sister.

Meanwhile, Delphine tells Cosima that she is taking over Rachel's position at Dyad, which means they can no longer be together. 

Ferdinand, the cleaner from Topside, meets with Delphine and Sarah, who he thinks is Rachel. They take him to interrogate Sarah (played by Allison), and Sarah learns that Ferdinand and Rachel have secrets of their own. 

When Rachel wakes up, Delphine tortures her for information on Helsinki, a mysterious part of Dyad's past. 

Sarah meets with Ferdinand as Rachel, and he reveals that Helsinki was a past Leda experiment where all clones were terminated simultaneously. Delphine threatens to expose him to Topside, and Ferdinand agrees to report back the Dyad is fine. 

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Sarah: She wants my help saving Leda and Dyad.
Felix: Jesus, don't these people know you never even finished high school?

Delphine's got your number? Well, we definitely need new clone phones.