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Krystal aggressively trains on self-defensive techniques with a personal trainer. She tells him all about her ordeal, being almost-kidnapped and having her boyfriend killed by two "twin brothers," and explains that she did some research and realized that the"twins" were connected to Dyad.

Sarah and Kira paint a mural and reconnect, Sarah refusing to run off and cut short their time together when she gets a text from Helena. Sarah looks at the research Allison sent over on Brightborn and realizes Geneconnexion (the company Felix used to find Adele) is owned by Brightborn. Mrs. S warns Sarah against digging into it.

Allison and Cosima video chat. Cosima is unable to find any intel on the actual science of the Brightborn treatments. Sarah is unable to go to the Brightborn orientation (posing as the surrogance for "Douglas and Julian's" child) because she is spending the day with Kira, so Cosima volunteers to go with Donnie instead, since she knows the science questions to ask.

Kira and Sarah go to visit Felix to invite him for dinner and Sarah tries to warn Felix about the Brightborn-Adele potential connection. Felix blows Sarah off. Adele is still at Felix's house, not having left because she loves the city.

Cosima rewrites Donnie's entire "Douglas Andrews" character before they go into Brightborn for the orientation. They get set up for the orientation and sign documents as their alteregos. The Brightborn receptionist reveals that Evie Cho is there in person. They panic because she might know what the clones look like.

Sarah calls Scott and requests a sibling DNA test for Adele and Felix. Scott tries to avoid telling Sarah where Cosima is, but eventually admits it, shocking Sarah.

Cosima tries to avoid being spotted by Evie as Evie gives her speech to all the Brightborn parents. She explains that she had SCID, an immune disorder that left her in a bubble as a child because of her faulty genetics. In 1994, she completed expensive gene therapy and was totally cured, leading her to want to fix flaws where she sees them.

Adele teaches Kira ballet while Sarah steals hair from Felix and a class from Adele. Kira gets along well with Adele but Sarah abruptly leaves with Kira to go see Scott.

Krystal arrives late to Brightborn for the orientation, posing as "Christine Wingham," a potential Brightborn parent.

Cosima wonders what Evie means by Brightborn "enhancing" the most viable embryos. Cosima departs to go on the facilities tour, hoping to find the lab. Meanwhile, Evie spots Krystal at the front desk, though Krystal doesn't appear to know who Evie is.

Evie meets with Susan Duncan and Ira. Susan tells Evie that Sarah Manning and her people were the ones who killed Evie's dental clinic technician. Evie mentions that she believes she spotted Sarah trying to con her way in (mistaking Krystal for Sarah). Susan stops Evie from having Sarah picked up, wanting to see her first.

A woman shows off her Brightborn infant to an assembled group including Donnie, letting a very interested Donnie hold him. Krystal suddenly joins the group late, gushing over the infant and shocking Donnie. Donnie quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

Cosima sneaks off while on the tour, taking photos of the floor plan. She's caught trying to take an elevator to one of the off-limit floors and sent back to her group.

Marty, the Neolution plant at the police station, questions Art about Alison's voting sticker and how she looks like Beth. He mentions to Art that other officers have the Hendrixes on drug charges out of their soap store and potentially the Pouchy murder charges. He cautions Art not to stick his neck out for the Hendrixes and Art pretends to not know them.

Sarah and Kira play with dolls. Sarah tries to fish for information about Kira's strange dream or what's been bothering her but Kira shuts her down, only wanting to play. Art angrily calls Sarah, telling her about the Hendrix's drug charges. Sarah says she'll deal with it and calls Alison, who admits that they did deal briefly in pills but don't any longer. Alison also informs Sarah that Helena and some camping gear disappeared. The two yell at one another and Alison hangs up on Sarah.

Susan Duncan approaches Cosima and sits with her. Cosima questions Susan about the legalese in the Brightborn agreement which seems to state that Brightborn will own her remaining embryos if she doesn't notify them. Cosima sneakily steals Susan's key card. Susan explains that the embryos aren't owned but are used for research. Cosima pushes Susan on the specifics of what embryo enhancement means and Susan explains that they deal with genetic risk factors more directly, implying germline editing, directly changing the genes, which is illegal in most countries.

Sarah continues to try to question Kira about her dream. They find Adele and Felix joinng them for dinner. Sarah is upset that Felix brought Adele to the safehouse and Mrs. S takes the two away to have a discussion.

Donnie finds Cosima and tells her about the other clone who is there. Cosima recognizes Donnie's description as Krystal and instructs Donnie to get rid of Krystal while Cosima herself checks out the lab.

Sarah and Felix argue, Felix insistent that Adele is definitely his sister. Sarah reveals that she's gotten Scott to run a DNA test and Felix is upset that Sarah poached their DNA.

Donnie watches as Krystal steals samples of products. He poses as an employee and chastises her for poking around. Krystal claims she just wanted a massage appointment and Donnie (posing a "Ronnie") tells her that they have an appointment available right then with him as the masseuse.

Susan tells Evie that the clone who is there is Cosima Niehaus, not Sarah Manning. Evie warns Susan about self-aware clones poking around. Ira agrees with her and Susan orders Cosima brought in, though she doesn't like to interfere.

Donnie gives Krystal a full body massage, trying to gauge what she's doing there. Krystal confides in Donnie that she's there on a professional investigation -- she believes that Dyad and Brightborn are doing human experiments, putting stem cells in cosmetics, and shows him an obvious tabloid article about a woman with teeth for eyes. She believes she's being targeted because she's a whistleblower. She mentions being seen by a French blonde doctor and Donnie mentions Delphine's name. Krystal panics when Donnie reveals he knows her name and is there to help her and knocks him out.

A Brightborn worker pursues Cosima but finds Krystal instead, locking her in a conference room. Cosima dresses in Brightborn technician scrubs and follows a doctor. Krystal admits to the security cameras that she stole the cosmetic samples and Susan explains to Evie that they've captured Krystal, a naive subject instead. She explains that Krystal is harmless and Ira heads off to find Cosima.

Cosima spots a heavily pregnant woman kicking and screaming, being led by the Brightborn staff to a private room. 

Adele, Felix, Sarah, Kira, and Mrs. S have an awkward dinner and Sarah tries to grill Adele about Geneconnexion. Felix warns Sarah to back off.

Cosima ducks into a side room to avoid being detected. She realizes it's a surveillance room with a one way mirror to a room where pregnant women are housed. A doctor demands a urine sample from one of the women who tries to get her slot moved up, hoping to be done already. The doctor warns that she'll be disqualified from the study if she leaves early.

Sarah pushes Adele on why she chose Geneconnexion. Adele offers to leave but Felix suggests that Sarah leave instead, flicking food on her. Sarah gets a call from Scott, who confirms Adele is Felix's sister, which she shares with the group. Sarah is near tears and Kira asks Mrs. S to excuse them, leading her mother away.

Cosima takes photos of a medical file she's found. Another nurse spots her and calls her away to help with a "carrier" who is fully dilated. The heavily pregnant woman kicking and screaming is the "carrier" and asks about a c-section. The other nurse calls the OB and Cosima tries to comfort the pregnant woman.

Krystal is led out of the building by a Brightborn worker, threatening to call her lawyer on them. She spots Ira on the way out and begins screaming, recognizing him as having the same face as her abductors.

The pregnant woman babbles about her mother saying "it wasn't right" and asking god's forgiveness. The baby delivered is severely mutated and is quickly taken away as the woman is sedated. Susan spots Cosima and calls her by her real name. Cosima realizes she is Susan Duncan, and Susan suggests they discuss why Cosima is really at Brightborn. 

Cosima meets privately with Susan and Evie. Cosima rails against them for tinkering with actual humans without consent but Evie justifies it by saying the subjects are well-compensated and that they've identified genetic markers for many childhood illnesses through their research. Susan sends Evie away. She tries to convince Cosima to give up Kendall so that they can make a cure for all the clones.

Kira and Sarah hang out in Kira's room. Kira reveals that she's psychically connected to the emotions of all of the clones, even some of them who she doesn't know.

Susan goes to the pool at Brightborn where Ira is swimming. She reveals that now it is up to the clones but that they are as close to the original (and to a cure) as ever. They make out.

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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Alison: The plans have changed. Cosima is now carrying your child, Donnie.
Donnie: Oh. OK. So, wait, is she going to be co-parenting this child with Julian and I, or is she just going to be carrying the baby... ?
Alison: Donnie, the baby is fake. It doesn't matter.

Alison: Really? Are you feeling up to it?
Cosima: Put me in, coach. I'm ready.