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After her conversation with Susan Duncan, Cosima manages to convince Sarah to go along with the plan to turn Kendall Malone's genetic material over to Susan in exchange for the removal of Sarah's bot and their collaboration on a cure for Cosima and the other sick Leda clones. Sarah reluctantly agrees and tells Cosima to go ahead and make the deal before discussing it with Siobhan, knowing that she'll refuse.

Because the Leda clones don't want to allow Susan to get her hands on the Castor clone DNA that can be used as a biological weapon, Sarah informs Evie, Susan, and Ira that they will only be turning over the Leda DNA (able to be separated because of Kendall's cancer cells all being clones of her Leda cells) when she goes to Brightborn to meet with them. Susan agrees, to Ira's distress.

Evie, assisted by Cosima, successfully extracts the maggot bot from Sarah, after it nearly breaks and unleashes the deadly toxin into her bloodstream. Sarah calls Mrs. S, who is with Scott and Susan at Felix's apartment, finishing up the extraction of Kendall's genetic material. Kendall and her driver leave to go back to the safehouse but are attacked by an unseen assailant before they can get away.

When Sarah arrives at Felix's apartment, she finds blood and realizes that someone has attacked Kendall. She pours bleach on the genetic material and the group holds guns on Susan and her guard, questioning Susan about where Kendall has been taken. They take Susan to the safehouse, where Sarah guesses that Ira might be responsible for Kendall's disappearance.

Meanwhile, Cosima is still at Brightborn, handing over the harddrive with her and Delphine's research on it. Cosima asks Evie what happened to Delphine and Evie claims not to know anything. Cosima grabs the maggot bot removed from Sarah before Evie sees. Evie's assistant informs her that Susan has gone dark, taken by Sarah and Mrs. S.

Benjamin and Sarah go to the hotel where Susan and Ira have rooms. They find Ira OD'ing in the bathtub, having attempted to commit suicide since he was not going to be cured with Kendall's genome. Sarah saves Ira and has Benjamin call 911, realizing Ira is not the one who took Kendall.

Detective Duko is revealed as the kidnapper, working for Evie Cho.

Scott calls Sarah and tells her that there is some kind of virus, and all of their cure research has been wiped. Back at the safehouse, Susan realizes that Evie Cho is behind it, wanting to eliminate competing technologies by destroying Leda.

Evie and her assistant bring Cosima to the field where Duko has brought Kendall. They prepare to kill Kendall and destroy her body, with Evie explaining to her that clones are obsolete and that her way is the future. Cosima says a last goodbye to Kendall, who is then shot dead and burned by Duko. Evie informs Cosima that Delphine was shot dead at the Dyad parkade and warns her to tell Susan and Sarah that it's over, leaving her alone in the field with the burning car. Cosima calls Sarah and tells her what's happened.

At Art's police station, he spots Krystal filing a police report. He distracts Duko from seeing her and quickly whisks Krystal away where he interviews her and realizes that she is a naive clone who has completely misread the situation. Art calls Felix and has him meet Krystal at his apartment, to talk Krystal down while posing as a detective from Scotland Yard. Krystal panics and sprays him with pepper spray, but once she calms down she believes Felix's story that the companies are being investigated and that Krystal should go along with her life as if nothing is wrong. Krystal mentions having met Delphine. Art and Felix ask if she knew Delphine and Krystal explains that she saw Delphne get shot -- she saw everything.

In a flashback sequence, Beth goes undercover to an event and confronts Susan in the bathroom, holding a gun on her and telling her that she knows everything. Susan is able to talk Beth down and Beth goes to confront Evie Cho, who put her up to attacking Susan. Evie warns her that because of what she knows, the other clones and her family are in danger, Beth viciously beats Evie before Detective Duko intervenes. Beth gets away and returns home, where she has her confrontation and final goodbye with MK, before going to the train station where she later kills herself.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Art: Hi, Detective Bell, homicide.
Krystal: Krystal Goderitch, manicurist.

Ira: Are you ready to meet our original?
Susan: After all these years? I feel electric.