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Alison attempts to reclaim her position as organizer of the fall town fair from Nona Walker. She is rebuffed. At the town fair, she spirals out of control after and takes a few of her pills. She dumps the rest in a bottle of juice and almost tricks Nona into drinking the whole thing.

Alison encounters Ainsley's husband Chad, with whom she had an affair, and their kids. He feels guilty that their affair may have caused Ainsley's death. Flashbacks depict when Alison first found out about the clones and was having an existential crisis about her life after she, Ainsley, and Chad took magic mushrooms.

Alison sees Ramon, her and Donnie's dealer, at the fair. She confronts him, accusing him of having stolen their money. He says that he didn't and that they were duped by the distributor. Alison and Ramon get high.

Meanwhile, Rachel has sent Neolution cops and Art to the Hendrix house to dig up something to hold over their heads, so they can demand Helena's location. Donnie tells Art privately to keep them out of the garage, but Enger manages to dig up Leekie's body. Sarah arrives and talks to Art, telling him that they can't let the Neos find out about Leekie.

At the town fair, Donnie performs his dance after downing Alison's bottle of drugged juice. He collapses, and Felix and Alison drag him off stage, but not before Alison gives an impassioned speech to the judgmental townsfolk about how she's given so much of herself to the town and how she's part of a much bigger "sisterhood" than they can ever imagine.

Seeing no other choice, Alison goes to Rachel with Leekie's head in a bag, admitting everything. But she challenges Rachel to actually go to the cops with the murder evidence when doing so will just bring unnecessary attention to Neolution. Rachel backs down and calls off Enger, seconds before Art is preparing himself to shoot her to protect the clones.

In the end, Alison saves the day but tells Donnie she needs to get away for awhile. Meanwhile, Helena's location is revealed -- she's in a nunnery, writing in a book in a foreign language.

Elsewhere, Rachel works with Kira and they bond. Kira refuses to tell Mrs. S or Sarah what she and Rachel have been doing. Kira secretly has a Swiss army knife stashed in her drawer.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Alison: Why do I love my sisters so much when they've ruined my life?
Donnie: Your life isn't ruined! It's just waiting for you to come back and sparkle it up.

My hand is purple, and it makes the air all fuzzy.