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Sarah and Mrs S are on the lookout after retrieving Kira from Dyad.

Rachel, bleeding badly from her self-inflicted eye wound, tries to get to the elevator but collapses. Ferdinand rescues her and takes her to a hotel room.

Felix and Adele return from Switzerland, where they worked with Delphine to track down information about Neolution. Mrs. S demands that they all take a night off to celebrate Felix's art opening -- he needs to impress an art dealer. Sarah is reluctant to let her guard down.

Art takes Kira and Charlotte to stay with husband daughter at her mother's house, for safety.

S goes to take care of a few mysterious tasks before the party.

Before the party, Sarah gets Adele drunk and presses her for information about what S had them do in Switzerland. Adele lets slip that Delphine was send for some meeting with Ferdinand. Sarah is alarmed and horrified that S would be working with the man who killed MJ.

Meanwhile, S and Delphine go to meet with Rachel and Ferdinand. Rachel thanks S for tipping off Ferdinand that Rachel was at Dyad and needed help. S tries to convince Rachel to help them expose Neolution to take them down, showing Rachel the information they have and asking her for the rest of what they need. Rachel at first refuses, saying she doesn't have any info. Privately, she tells Ferdinand that she has a memory card with evidence of all the illegal, government-bribing activities that Neolution was up to.

S and Delphine leave for the party.

At the art opening party, Donnie and Alison help to set up. He initially wants to send Alison away, but instead introduces her and Cosima and Sarah separately as the "goddesses" represented in his works. Felix's opening is a smash hit and everybody except Sarah has a good time celebrating. 

Rachel tries to convince Ferdinand that she has enough money saved up for them to get away, exposing Neolution and taking them down instead of blackmailing them. Ferdinand laughs off her ideas, wanting to make millions off of Neolution. Rachel hands over the memory card and Ferdinand goes to meet with the Neolution board. He tries to bribe them, but it turns out that Rachel swiped the memory card and betrayed him. He shoots his way out and survives.

Back at the hotel, Rachel sends the incriminating files over to S. They are both under the impression that Ferdinand will not make it out alive.

S heads to the party where Felix gives a heartfelt speech to the women in his life. Cosima and Delphine privately celebrate when they send off the Neolution files to the authorities and to journalists.

Ferdinand comes back to the hotel and almost kills Rachel in anger. He backs off at the last minute and leaves. Rachel calls S to warn her that Ferdinand survived and is coming for her. S leaves the party. 

S leaves to go home, where she is confronted by Ferdinand who ambushes her. After a tense face off, he shoots her in the chest, allowing her to bleed out slowly. As she sits in the chair dying, she pulls out a hidden gun and shoots him in the threat, killing him. She picks up a photo of Felix and Sarah, holding it as she dies.

At the convent, Helena is suspicious of Gracie's motives, but assures her in the end that Gracie is her babies' family. When Gracie talks to Mark, she decides to lie and say she hasn't found Helena, deciding not to betray her. But Coady and Mark realize she is lying.

Helena finds Gracie's phone and realizes she's been betrayed. She tells Helena that she didn't actually tell them she'd found her, but Helena realizes that Neolution is likely tracing her. As they try to escape, they are intercepted by Enger and other Neolution officers. As two officers hold Helena down, Enger shoots Gracie in the head.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Oh, chickens.

Mrs. S

I’m willing to take a gamble on nature over nurture.

Mrs. S [to Rachel]