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Young Helena sneaks into the nuns’ office to steal chocolates. She catches a nun masturbating. The nun punishes her brutally, dunking her head in a pail and pouring bleach on it, resulting in Helena’s red rimmed eyes and bleached hair. Helena begs Sister Irina for help. The punishing nun locks Helena up in a spare room by herself.

The group attends Siobhan’s funeral. Everyone cries, especially Kira, except for Sarah. Cosima and Alison bemoan the fact that they can’t be there to support her.

At the wake, Sarah watches news coverage of Neolution’s scandal being uncovered. Sarah blames Rachel for Siobhan’s death. Art promises to Sarah to be there for her, acknowledging that S’s sacrifice was to protect his family as well.

Sister Irina arrives at the wake and asks Felix to speak to Sarah. She silently gives Sarah the notebook filled with Helena’s memoirs. Sarah realizes something is wrong with Helena.

Helena wakes up in the back of a medical van, where Coady is talking about inducing her early. Mark has no idea that Gracie is dead, and Coady tells him that Gracie will join them later. They sedate Helena before she can tell Mark that Gracie was killed.

In a flashback, Tomas finds Helena in the locked room where she’s singing to herself. He tells her she is special and has been searching for her. He says he will take care of her.

Clone Club meets to figure out what to do about Helena. Felix suggests meeting with Rachel to find out if they are taking Helena to the island and how to get there. Sarah refuses to leave Kira alone.

Frontenac meets with Westmorland, assuring him that those who are left are behind him. PT instructs him to track down Al-Khatib and continue their clean-up measures.

Back in the house, Sarah finds S’s clothing and smells it sadly. Felix grills Rachel about why PT might not go back to the island — because his subjects have rebelled against him. Scott arrives to watch after Rachel, who had been planning to flee herself by plane. Rachel points Felix and Art towards Detective Enger after Art notes she went missing the day of Felix’s art opening.

The Lieutenant grills Art about how he’s connected to the Neolution mess.

Coady prepares to deliver the twins. Westmorland, panicking because he feels his time is running out, orders Coady to cut the twins out so he can get his hands on the fresh cord blood. Coady refuses, citing the unknown effects a C-section would have on their “prime suspects.” Westmorland demands a hormonal induction, in that case.

As a child, Helena listens to music and plays with dolls as Tomas coaches her in her religious fanaticism and the “copies.”

Helena insults Coady for doing Westmorland’s bidding. Coady starts the induction.

Art tells Felix that two Neolution board members were found dead (in addition to the two suicides). They cross off other names, meaning only 3 are left including Al-Khatib and Rachel.

Westmorland tells Coady to put Mark down now that they’ve synthesized his pathogen. Coady resists, noting that she didn’t want to kill Gracie either, but Westmorland forced her to in order to set this in motion.

Frontenac meets with Al-Khatib. He points out that Al-Khatib spoke with Interpol, though Al-Khatib swears he told them nothing and it was just a delay tactic. Felix barges in, distracting them so Art can sneak up and hold them at gunpoint. Frontenac stands up and says he’s broken no laws and has a permit for his gun. He refuses to sit when Art demands it. Art shoots Frontenac dead, to Felix’s shock.

Al-Khatib tells Felix that he doesn’t know where Westmorland is.

Coady tells Mark that this is the last dose of his cure. Mark tells her all about his and Gracie’s life plans. They reminisce about his childhood with his brothers. Mark gets drowsy and Coady helps him to lay his head down. She tells him goodbye as he dies.

Helena starts having contractions. Coady coaches her through labor.

In a more recent flashback to Helena before her redemption, Tomas puts a knife in Helena’s hand. She goes and kills the first of the clones that she finds. But Helena is shocked and shaken when she sees they are identical. She is horrified and tells Tomas that she, too, is a copy. Tomas assures her that she is the original, that they copied her body and not her soul because she is special. It’s after this that Helena first begins self-mutilating her back.

Helena begs Coady not to let Westmorland take her babies, even though Coady allowed Westmorland to take her own babies from her. Coady brutally insults Helena for her past actions when Helena insists that the babies need their mother. Helena cries.

Rachel grills Al-Khatib about where Helena is. Rachel points out that Frontenac was there to kill Al-Khatib, and that them rescuing him puts him in their debt. Art threatens to shoot him if he doesn’t tell them where they’ve taken Helena. Al-Khatib points out that Rachel has the biggest target on her back. Rachel suggests they hand over Rachel if Westmorland wants her so badly.

When left unattended, Helena grabs a scissor and tries to cut her restraints, while Coady updates Westmorland on Helena’s labor. Enger calls Westmorland, who puts him on the line with Al-Khatib. Al-Khatib tells Westmorland that he found someone Westmorland wants more than him — Rachel.

“Rachel” is in the trunk of Enger’s car. It is actually Sarah posing as Rachel, and they’ve put a tracking device on her so they can find out where Helena is. The plan is for Sarah to keep Westmorland busy while the others are on their way to save Helena.

Unable to free herself, Helena stabs herself in the wrist to set her babies “free.”

Enger puts “Rachel” in front of Westmorland. He asks them to be left alone. Coady and the doctor find Helena bleeding out.

Clone Club tracks Sarah, realizing that Westmorland and the others are hiding out right near Dyad.

Sarah calls Westmorland “father” when he’s berating her, and he realizes she is not Rachel. He rips off her eye patch and she slashes him in the throat. Enger comes back in and restrains Sarah. Westmorland takes Enger’s gun and is ready to kill Sarah when Coady barges in and tells him that Helena is in trouble and needs an infusion from a compatible source — Sarah. They take her away.

Scott and Hell Wizard get into Dyad by pretending that they are dropping off a transplant for a pediatric heart patient. Hell Wizard hacks into the security system, while Scott goes to let in Art, setting off the security alarm. Art tells Scott to get himself and Hell Wizard out while he goes in with a gun and a bulletproof vest.

Helena revives and begins having contractions again. She tricks Coady into giving her water, then bashes Coady’s head in. Sarah and Helena try to escape, but Helena’s water breaks — the babies are coming.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Rachel: Felix. I’m sorry for your loss.
Felix: Save your breath, you heartless bitch, and turn around.

"Just remember, my loves — death is nothing at all. I’ve only slipped into the next room. You can call me by my old familiar name with no sorrow in your tone. I promise we will laugh at this difficult parting when we meet again. All my love, S."

Felix [reading Siobhan’s letter]